Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Entry

Hey everyone, I though this was easier than sending emails every week. I will update it weekly with pictures of us (especially of Jackson) and what we are doing. Hope you like it.

This week Jackson is having his 2 month check up and getting his shots, yikes! He is so loveable. He likes to cuddle with me in the morning which is my favorite time of the day. I can't believe he is over 2 months old already. We had a great time with the hot mammas group this week. We made an imprint of his little feet and went for a walk around the mall with the other moms. It is so hot here now that we can't really walk outside anymore.


Erica said...

Yay! First comment :) Such a good idea...can't wait to keep checking back. See you guys soon!

onlyadream6 said...

Hey Jess!
He is so adorable! I love being able to keep up with you guys! Take care!
Love, Kailey