Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Swimming

It is crazy to think just 4 months ago my kids couldn't swim without life jackets and I am sorry to say but were afraid of the water. Now they are jumping off the top of our waterfall, going down the slide alone, and diving for toys on the bottom of the pool. I am so proud of my little fishies. They have overcome their fears of the water and now I really enjoy playing around the pool with them.

Summers in Arizona may be hot but when you spend all day in the pool life can't get much better.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Front of the Camera

I am so excited. I was recently invited to be a part of a great group on mom bloggers in Arizona. I am hoping this will open lots of opportunities for me and my business. The blog hasn't launched yet but we did get together for a group photo taken by my amazing photographer friend, Erin Hicks. She has taken our family photos in the past and I was honored to have her take a few new head shots of my for my business and school and FUN. She really is talented.

Here is the group photo. What a good looking group of moms right?
I love the colors we chose, the teal and coral really pop. I can't wait to get started blogging with these amazing moms. We will have posts about nutrition, exercise, photography, crafts, party planning, family activities, and even sports (ha). Tune in for the launch date so you can all follow our new site. YAY. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Falmouth, Jamaica

Next stop Falmouth, Jamaica. I have to admit this was the stop I was most excited about. Unfortunately we had to wait an extra hour because in the middle of the night the ship received a distress call and picked up two people from a sail boat caught out at sea. Kind of exciting! Since we got in so late everyone was in a big rush to get off the boat and find a tour guide to take us on our adventure. We practically sprinted through the welcoming plaza and I only got to snap a few pictures of the other's backsides.

Our tour guide was awesome. Full Jamaican. Great accent. He reminded us that in Jamaica there are no problems just situations. It became a joke for the rest of the trip. I sat in the back of the 15 passenger van making snide remarks with Justin. Seriously so funny and a great way to see the island. The houses in Jamaica are interesting. I thought they would all be shacks with rough roofs but most along the coast were made of cement and only half finished. Massive houses and almost all were unfinished.

We decided to try out climbing the falls and then on a lazy river ride.  The waterfalls were amazing. I have never done anything like it before and would do it again in a heartbeat. The only problem was having to stick together with the group, but that was fun too. We actually hiked through the middle of the falls, swimming and jumping in along the way. They shot a video of the entire trip but our personal pictures were so much better because it was just us. The water was freezing at first and then my body acclimated to it was the entire trip was enjoyable. I think the best part was watching Diane try not to get her hair wet, especially when the guides pushed her in. So funny. It took us about an hour to trek all the way to the top and I was ready to do it again right then but on we went to the next stop.

 We followed the road to a lazy river ride. I have never been tubing down the river so I thought it was really fun. In the jungle surrounded by trees with just two guides floating our group down the river. There were a few little rapids which were fun but mostly it was relaxing and beautiful. We stopped half way for a break to swim and swing on the rope swings. Filipe was hilarious on the river. Commenting on how beautiful and wonderful everything was. He was in his own little world and falling behind most of the time while the guides called back to him, "Philip Philip catch up to us." So funny. However I think the funniest part was a crazy guy at the beginning of the river that kept trying to get us to take a picture with him as he blew fire. Brianna was the only one daring enough to get close, and only because Justin pushed her closer to the guy. He was nuts.

 Once we were all back in the van we stopped by some little shops for souvenirs. I bought my mom two bracelets from a sweet women. Diane wanted a specific necklace but they only had it as a bracelet so they restrung the stones right there for her. And she got a sweet deal too.

 Justin was in search for a mango but they were wicked expensive so he settled for a tasty patty. Beef with cheese inside. I'm glad I waited to eat in the dinning room on the ship.