Thursday, July 18, 2013

Labadee, Haiti

Oh my I am so behind. Will I ever catch up?

Back to the cruise. Our first stop was in Labadee, Haiti.

Everyone was really exicted to see Haiti, mainly because we knew nothing about it. However the stop was very reserved. All there was to see was a beach made for the cruise ship and a small outdoor water park. So basically we lied around on the beach all day. Not a bad day in my book but some of the others were hot and bored. The water park was actually really fun. It consisted of blow up rock climbing floaties and some large floating teeter totters. From the shore it looked boring and easy but once we were in the water I discovered it was really difficult and a lot of fun. Climbing up the floaties was incredibly hard and my body got a workout. I was very sore the next day especially in my arms and shoulders. The only problem I had was all the salt water getting into my eyes and under my contacts. Even with my eyes closed.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it but here is one that I googled.

We also shopped a little on the shore. The people of Haiti are so poor and so annoying about trying to get you to buy things. I felt completely mobbed by all the merchants I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. I did buy a sword for Jack and they carved his name in it, and a dress for Lizzy which she loves. I probably could have bargained better but honestly they are so poor I felt bad for the shops.

Haiti really is a beautiful island. The water was amazing. We learned that snorkels do not float. Justin tried to throw one to Brandon, the throw was short, the snorkel sunk to the bottom, there was no retrieving it as it landed in the drop off area with about 20 feet below. Oh well, it's funny to think about now. It is a little scary though, a lot of men with big guns guarding the area. All the stops were similar and it just made me glad to be an American and to live in such a safe place.

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