Thursday, July 31, 2008


Good news everyone. The lesion that the doctor removed was just a mole and is benign. No cancer here but better to be safe than sorry. Keep checking your moles and get them checked by a doctor if you think there might be a problem.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GNAW, teeth

Jack is teething, even though I can't see anything yet I know it is happening. He is gnawing on everything he can get his mouth on, he won't eat sometimes, and has gotten really picky about the bottles he uses, and he slobbers all over everything. The worst part is the crankiness. At first I thought he was just being fussy but I am sure now it is because he mouth hurts. I don't know what to do for the little guy. He seems to really like this plastic duck because it is surrounded by a sphere of plastic tubes (that is the best I can describe it). I think the tubes feel good because he can shove the whole side of the tube in his mouth. He won't take those teething rings from the freezer and he doesn't like my finger anymore. I know that every baby and mother goes through it but all I can say is teething is awful and I am not looking forward to dealing with this for the next 9 months.He gets the tonge thing from his dad.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How you doin?

I know these are old but I look at them everyday and I still think it is so funny. How many expressions can a baby have. Well. . .Jackson has added about 5 more regularly displayed expressions to this list including a wide open smile and his "I am very proud of myself" smile. It cracks my up because every time he looks in the mirror he laughs and gets a wide open smile. I have used this to my advantage recently and places a long mirror against the coffee table. Then when I put him on his stomach he looks at himself in the mirror and doesn't cry (until he gets bored at looking at himself). It has already worked very well because he is lifting his head and slowly beginning to lift his chest. I am worried that he is going to walk before he crawls. The kid can't get enough of standing up.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beware of the Sun

Most of you probably already know this but I am speaking from experience. Please make sure you wear sunscreen everyday (even when it is overcast) and check you body regularly for any moles that have the following acronym: ABCDE

B=boarders (irregular/fuzzy)
C=color (uneven/dark)
D=dimension (larger than the eraser on a pencil)
E=every other mole. . .is it different?

  • Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer and more than 1 million cases are diagnosed each year.
  • 1 in every 5 Americans will develop some kind of skin cancer in their lifetime.
  • Approximately 62,480 melanomas will be diagnosed this year, with nearly 8,420 resulting in death.
  • Melanoma is the second most common form of cancer for young adults 15-29 years old.

Although people with fair skin and that burn easily are more at risk that doesn't mean that others won't get it. I recently had a skin lesion removed that the doctor believes is a melanoma. I never burn, have olive skin, and I still got it. Scientists have actually discovered that a gene is actually associated with melanomas and they are trying to come up with a vaccine that will fight off the cancer. Please get yourself checked and if you think something looks different get it checked out. The lesion, which looked like a dark mole, was on my foot for about a year and I just got it removed today. Don't wait! I am sure that I am fine so this isn't to worry you. My results come back on Monday, but I want everyone to be safe. Here are some pictures of types of skin cancer for you to look at.

Prompt action is your best protection. The pictures below show atypical normal moles and melanomas.

Benign Malignant
Symmetrical mole picture.jpg melanoma picture.jpg Asymmetrical
Borders are even mole picture.jpg melanoma picture.jpg Borders are uneven
One shade mole picture.jpg melanoma picture.jpg Two or more shades
Smaller than 1/4 inch mole picture.jpg melanoma picture.jpg Larger than 1/4

Here are some pictures on checking for skin cancer:

What you'll need:
a bright light; a full-length mirror; a hand mirror; two chairs or stools; a blow-dryer.

scillus1.gif Examine head and face, using one or both mirrors. Use blow-dryer to inspect scalp.
scillus2.gif Check hands, including nails. In full-length mirror, examine elbows, arms, underarms.
scillus3.gif Focus on neck, chest, torso. Women: Check under breasts.
scillus4.gif With back to the mirror, use hand mirror to inspect back of neck, shoulders, upper arms, back, buttocks, legs.
scillus5.gif Sitting down, check legs and feet, including soles, heels, and nails. Use hand mirror to examine genitals.

***Make sure you check everywhere,
even your ears and your eyes.
Anywhere you get sun exposure.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stoker Renovations

As some of you may know the Stokers are renovating their backyard with a waterfall/slide in the pool and a full size racquetball/game room. It has been a long process and I think Diane is getting tired of workers tromping through their yard and all the dirt that is going around. Plus the dogs get out every chance they get. It is kinda weird to see someone you don't know walking through your gated backyard. Anyways, here are some pictures of the project.Racquetball court and the game room
Pool with working waterfall (I didn't turn it on). Also there is a slide that goes down the right side. It is pretty fast too. Their house will be like a resort by the time everything is finished.

Messy Jack Jack

Did you ever wonder why it is that when adults get stuff on their faces it is embarrassing yet when little kids (especially babies) have food on their face it is the cutest thing ever. There are so many videos and pictures of kids with messes on their faces. Well Jackson is no exception to that rule. It is usually just drool but once in a while it is something else...

I guess the messy Jessie has been passed on. It must be genetic. Jack Jack was just laying on his blank doing the ever hated tummy time while Brandon and I were eating dinner. I look down to see what he is up to and there he is lifting his head up with white spit up everywhere. He was very proud of himself as you can see. It is a good thing that Grandma Stoker made the blanket washable.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogging Fun

I first got into blogging in college. I actually hated the fact that we had to set up a blog and work on it throughout the semester because at that time I had too many other things to do. Now that I am staying home and not working I find blogging a great idea. I never knew so many people had blogs and so many different kinds of blogs. Cooking, scrapbooking, sewing, everything I am interested in. I also think it is cool that I can look on other people's blogs and discover great blogs from people I have never met in my life. So, I guess what I am saying is keep blogging and check out my blog list for some great ideas.

(Picture from

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chubby Baby

I have read the books and they all say don't compare your baby to others. However. . . when you are around other babies (church, Hot Mammas, friends) I can't help but compare Jackson. I am worried that he is getting really chubby because everyone says he is so big when they see him. He is already 15lbs and only 3 1/2 months. I go back and forth about the issue sometimes telling myself that he is just really strong and tall (26 inches). Or I say all the chubby is in the cheeks but I need some reassurance. The doctor says he is healthy and perfect. Why am I freaking out? I just know what an issue childhood obesity is these days and I don't want to overfeed the baby and set him on a pathway of health destruction. I guess it is a hazard of the job (health professional). Ok just writing this has made me calm down and not worry about his growth. Maybe he is just going to be a football player. Who knows?

Oh yeah, and for those of you who haven't seen Captain Jack he can already stand up when propped against something and he is laughing up a storm.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yummy summer foods

So I know Jackson is still really young but I can't help giving him so yummy summer treats to like and suck on. So far I know he likes the following:

Orange Julius (only when licking it from my finger...too much can cause major diaper explosions
Cherries (sucking on them only)

He is not a fan of Popsicles. I tried giving him a cherry Popsicle because I think he is beginning teething but he made a really funny face and then cried a little. Too cold.

Right now I think he will stick anything in his mouth so we will see what food he tries next. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Visiting the Fam

I just wanted to thank all the family that visited with us this past week. It was so fun to see everyone and to have such great love and support for Jackson. Here are some pictures I thought you all might enjoy.

Grandma might be frail but she has a vice grip when a baby is placed in her arms.

Happy 4th of July with the Hansons.

Bonding time with Aunt Sarah.

Hanging out at the canal.

I love Grandma Miller

Thanks for a great time. We miss you all in Arizona.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunny Seattle?

We just got back from Seattle and we had a great time. The 4th of July was awesome. A quick downpour (because it wouldn't be Seattle without a little rain) and then clear skies for the fireworks. I think Brandon saw a new side of me. The pyro came out. . .it is genetic to the Millers. It was so much fun to actually light off our own fireworks and enjoy the show on the lake. Jackson slept through the whole thing.

We went to Seattle and got all our favorite things. Candy covered nuts, hot mini doughnuts, flowers, and cheesecakes. My mom bought this really cool pepper hanging plant too. The pier was wonderful. We lucked out because it was sunny and warm. I love Seattle in July. Especially since it is monsoon season in AZ so it is even hotter than usual with the added humidity. Jackson had a great time too. More pictures of him and the family in the next post.