Monday, April 27, 2009

Worst Week EVER

This was the worst week for Jackson. He has been such a pill and I am sure it is because he is teething but MAN won't these teeth just come through so we can move on. Here are some of the symptoms he has had over the past week:

  • Inflamed mouth
  • restless sleeping
  • early morning wake-ups (6:30 am when he usually sleeps until 9 or 10)
  • refusing to eat
  • refusing to drink
  • slight fever
  • rash on his face (pink face)
  • crying when we refuse to hold him and carry him around
  • loss of balance. . .falling over....crying from falling over
  • nothing seems to please him
It doesn't help that we stayed at the Stoker's for a few days so he couldn't sleep in his own bed, it has been super hot this past week, and the early light keeps him awake.

Thankfully I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. He slept in today (because I bought blackout curtains), ate some of his favorite things (animal crackers and yogart), and he has been taking a 3 hour nap. Hopefully it will be over soon. He has 10 teeth so you think that he would be used to it by now but this past month with the molars coming in has been the worst time. POOR KID!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walk the Line

Jackson is officially a free walking man now! He has been trying it out for around 2 months, walking from furniture to furniture, holding onto the walls. . .that sort of thing but this week was the breakthrough! He finally got the courage and the awareness that he can walk, on his own, very well I might add. Now he is walking everywhere. All around the apt, church, anywhere we are he wants to walk. Not a big fan of shoes though. He just needs to get used to them.

Another funny thing that he does lately is stick his legs through the crib bars (wood bars) when he sleeps. He loves his crib, he never tries to climb out and when I put him down he snuggles into the corner and falls right to sleep. But when I go in to check on him he always has at least 1 leg through the bars. It is really funny because I think he is really comfortable in that position. The bumper is still in the crib because he tends to shove his head in the corner and he uses it a little like a pillow, so the leg out the bars is also propped up a little. What a funny kid.

On another note I started to feel the new baby this week. Tiny butterfly kicks. I have to admit I don't really feel like I am pregnant most of the time (other than being tired) so when the kicks come it is reassuring that the little bug is still in there. We still don't know if it is a lady bug or a man bug but we will let you know soon.

Crazy epiphany of the week: Not all lady bugs can be ladies if you really think about it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

For Easter we hung out at the Stoker's, decorating eggs, making candy eggs, and Phil organized his annual egg hunt (where at least 1 egg is never found, this year it was 2). We had the best time, good food, good family, and lots of laughs. Plus it was sunny which is always a PLUS in my book. Jackson had a great time too opening the eggs and he even put a few in his basket all by himself. He also loved the ham and scallop potatoes that Grandma made.Yum Yum

**Jackson loves dancing to this song on the radio

Let Them Eat Cake

So we finally celebrated Jackson's birthday yesterday along with Easter. It was a big celebration day! He had so much fun and got so much stuff. Books, toys, clothes, and even a big boy place setting with a really cool dino cup. As most of you know 1 year olds aren't the best at blowing out candles (although Jackson really likes pretending like he is lighting a candle. I have one with an automatic lighter and he always picks up the lighter and pretends like he is lighting the candle. It is really funny), anyways back to blowing it out he didn't so I did it for him. But he was enthralled by the fire. I made him a bunny carrot cake which I thought was suitable for both Easter and birthdays and he loved it. I had to limit the amount of cake because I think he would have eaten the whole thing if I had let him. I think his favorite toy overall was a cat piano. He loves music and was playing and dancing to it all night. He also liked the fact that it has a microphone on it so he can hear himself sing in his baby words. He is so funny and it was nice spending time with 4 generations (great grandma/grandpa, grandma/grandpa, mom/dad, and baby Jack). I can't believe my little boy is a toddler now. . . well almost.

1 YEAR measurements:
Height: 31.75 inches (95%)
Weight: 23 lbs (50%)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Food Network Challenge is my favorite show, particularly the cake making challenges. The work they do is amazing. The premises of the show is the bakers have a set amount of time to decorate (usually 6-8 hours) and put together an entire cake. Over 50% of the work must be done on set and most of the time there is a height requirement (3ft). As many of you may know I love to cook and to bake. But cake making is a whole new ball game. I don't have the patience, plus I am kinda clumsy (Messy Jessie). So watching this show gives me a whole new appreciation for cake making and decorating. The other day I watched the most impressive episode where the cake makers designed cakes that told the stories of their lives. Their colors, structures, and especially the detail work is amazing. If you haven't seen the show you should definitely check it out because even if you don't cook/bake you will be astonished by their work. If you miss the new episode they replay them at different times everyday.
**Can I have this cake for my baby shower? (yeah right)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our First Year

Well the time has come and gone. Jackson is officially 1 year old now, yet it seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and I was freaking out about having to take care of a baby all by myself. We have had many good times, very few bad. I was talking with Brandon on Wed. about what we were doing 1 year ago, the day before Jackson was born. I remember not getting much sleep, mainly from anticipation but also from pre-labor pains. I remember the first time I saw Jack. Slimy green (I had a C-section for those of you who don't already know) and he had really big feet for how long and skinny he was. He was beautiful and I had tears streaming down my face because I couldn't believe he was actually here and he was mine. Sent from Heaven by God, trusting me to watch over one of his children.

Thinking back on this first year I can't believe how much we have been through in such little time. Then I think about the new baby and all I can do is pray that it will be as good and easy as Jackson (not that Jack is easy). Here are a few things that I really appreciate about Jack and the person he is becoming:

1. His sleep habits. Ever since he came home from the hospital he has been a great sleeper. Now he sleeps at least 12 hours every night with a 2-3 hour nap during the day.
2. His smile. He has the best smile. A little dimple in the corner of his mouth, wide open with all 10 of his teeth showing. Not to mention the funniest laughs.
3. His curiosity. He is always watching and pointing; looking around and observing everything and everyone that is around him.
4. His caution. Sometimes I am like, "Walk already". I know he can do it and he knows he can do it, but he is cautious which I think will be good in the future.
5. His love for everything around him and his generosity. I know you are probably thinking how is a 1 year old generous but he is always sharing and hugging stuffed animals and people. He is very sweet.
6. His facial expressions. The kid has so many faces that every picture I take is different. I love how animated he can be.
7. His carefree style. Children are the best about being innocent and not caring what other people think. Jackson will laugh, dance, and sing all at the same time and I love that he loves doing it.
8. Tickle time with dad. Jack knows when it is coming and Brandon doesn't even need to touch him to get hysterical laughter from the little guy.
9. His love of music. Doesn't matter if it is from his favorite cartoon, his Disney Mixes, or the kids singing in primary music draws him in and gives him focus.
10. The way he gives me kisses and hugs my legs. Open mouth kisses and tightly locked hugs from little arms are the best way to say good morning and good night.

I love everything about Jackson and I couldn't ask for a better son. Lets hope year 2 is as wonderful and enlightening as year 1.

We haven't actually celebrated his birthday yet because we wanted the whole family (that lives in AZ) to be there so we are doing a duel Easter/Birthday celebration. Birthday pictures and recap to come. *Also, thanks to Grandma Miller and Derek for the wonderful birthday gift. Jack loves the tractor.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The other day we went to IKEA with our mother's group and it was really fun because Jack is finally old enough to notice the toys. We had a great time playing with some of the toys, trying out toddler beds (not ready yet but soon), and eating lunch with the moms and kids. One thing I bought was this really fun night light. It is simple but Jackson is enthralled by it. He watches it, and points to it, and is amazed by the light. They have a bunch of different kinds and they are only $10. Here is the one we bought:
I also bought some toddler bowls and cups for $2. What a deal! The only bad thing about the trip was I lost my keys somewhere in IKEA. Losing your keys stinks. I swear that my pregnancy brain is to blame. I just need to concentrate on the little things more often now like where I park my car and am I wearing pants? (jk about the last one but sometimes it feels that way).

Dance Machine

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in awhile because nothing new has happened. Brandon has been studying for all his insurance licenses which has been good but hard because Jackson likes to help. I am in my second trimester which is nice because I am feeling a lot more energy and less sensitive to smells. Jackson is almost 1 but still not walking. Although he is a bit of a dancer. Whenever we turn on music with a beat you can see his body start to dance, almost as if he can't control it. If he is sitting it will be his upper body shimmying to the music, if he is standing his legs do this crazy leg thing where they bounce up and down and out to the sides. And the other night he was holding onto the coffee table and doing pelvic thrusts. I don't know where he learns it from because I don't dance but since he has been dancing so much I feel myself wanting to dance with him. DANCE PARTY IN JACK'S ROOM (if anyone wants to come over). It is pretty funny. He is a funny little boy. I will post new pictures soon. Until then dance to your own music.