Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nemo 2

Lizzy getting in on some NEMO action. Already following in her brother's footsteps.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Pictures Please!

By now, as you can tell, my kids know exactly what to do when there is a camera pointed in their face lol. I bring out the camera and most of the time I get a "cheese" and a big smile. Yesterday was no exception. I was trying to get Elizabeth to model some of the petti skirts I made for my Etsy site so I took them out to the front yard for a quick photo shoot. They never go in the front yard because it is just too dangerous so this was a real treat. Elizabeth was a great model as usual but I think Jackson has been getting a little jealous of Lizzy getting all the attention. He wanted to wear one of the skirts too. Poor guy, boy's clothing is just not as much fun to make. I let him wear the skirt for a bit so he wouldn't have a total meltdown but then I told him that I would take some pictures of him acting tough like a boy. He LOVED that. He stood on a tree stump and showed off his muscles. It was so funny to hear him making the grunting noises and flexing.

Lately they have really been getting along. Elizabeth likes to give Jackson big hugs and kisses and Jack is such a nice brother always making sure she is alright. He says in his cute little voice, "You okay Lizabeth, you okay?" He has been getting a lot better on sharing too. And he is the total big brother in that when she does something naughty he tells her, "Lizabeth that's bad, you go in time out." It is pretty funny. She is talking more and more too. She can say, "I love you" and "More Please". Very sweet. I am glad they are such good buddies and they look out for each other.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cleaning Out Our Drawers

It is ridiculous how fast kids grow out of clothing. I feel like Elizabeth just turned 1 and now she is already into the 18-2T clothing. She is very tall. So I feel like it is every other month that I am going through her clothes and putting the ones she has outgrown in binds. The girl has so many clothes I already have like 3 binds full and that is along with giving away a lot of of her clothing. I am really trying to save most of it for the next one but I am worried if I have a boy by the time I do have another girl all the clothing will be old and gross, ha ha. I guess Brandon's sisters are lucky because they will be inheriting a lot of clothing when they start having their babies. Anyways, I guess Jack and Liz knew it was time to go through the drawers again because they took the initiative themselves. There I am talking on the phone in the office when I walk in and see Jackson smiling really big on a huge pile of clothing in Elizabeth's crib. Lizzy is just standing next to it smiling too. (Yeah, Jack figured out is he pushes the rocking chair over he can use it to climb into the crib).

How can you be mad at that face? So I decided to make it a photo opportunely and played it up with them. They thought it was hilarious reading books on top of all those clothes. Then when it was time to clean up of course they had a blast throwing them out of the crib and onto the floor. Ahhhh, what am I going to do with these two?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My little Builder

Along with being outside, Jackson loves to build things. I am secretly hoping he becomes an architect someday. He live to do puzzles and he has like 4 different kinds of building materials that he uses to construct cars, towers, and helicopters. He is always taking apart his train set, I thought this was more of an urge for destruction, but I noticed today that he really enjoys putting it back together again too. Today after church I let the kids go outside and play. I went to go and check on them and I caught Jack carrying these large PVC pipes. I have no idea where the came from other than maybe the sprinkler guy left them. Anyways, the pipes are so long but Jackson was carrying them across the lawn to the corner. Then once he moved them all to the corner he began lining them up in a long pipe line. Then once he got them all lined up he connected them together. He even figured out that one of the ends was the wrong way because it wasn't connecting so he turned it around and then connected it. Talk about smart. He was so focused he didn't even know I was there until I told him to smile. I am amazed at the things he can accomplish, even at such a young age.

I also wanted to pose a question to all our readers. Today in the nursery I was talking to his nursery leader and she asked me if Jack talks much. I told her he talks up a storm at home. Not always understandable but I would say I understand about 90% of what he says. Then she told me that he doesn't play with the other kids in the nursery. He plays by himself under the table or in the corner. Then she asked if this worries me at all. I told her he is just really shy and I am not worried about it. He plays with the kids in his playgroup and with Lizzy at home. I think he is just a shy guy and doesn't really like sharing, lol. But I wanted to ask. . .does anybody else noticed these aspects in their kids? What do you do to get them to play with other kids more? Should I be worried?

I know the nursery leader is a teacher so I am sure she is just be overly cautious but it got me thinking. I am not worried yet, just observing. I won't worry myself until I he starts preschool and still doesn't want to play with others there.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures and Adventures

It has been so beautiful here lately. Perfect for our favorite activities. We go to the park almost every day and the zoo every other week. I know you are all thinking, ahhh I hate them. But seriously I can't believe it is 75 degrees in Jan, sometimes I forget that it is still winter time. We went to the zoo this week and the kids had a blast as usual. I don't know what it is about kids and animals but mine sure do love them. The Phoenix zoo is actually a really great zoo. They have all the major animals, lions, tigers, elephants, . . . but the animal the kids love the most is the monkeys. Maybe because they are so close, or because they look funny but Jack and Liz get super excited when we see them. There is even a monkey house here where you can go down into a jungle area and the monkeys swing all around you. And we got a good look this time. We were walking out of the area when a little monkey landed on the railing right in front of us. He must have been less than a foot away. Both the kids went bananas, hehe. But really, they were clapping their hands and smiling so big. The monkey stayed for a while too, staring back at the two of them. Then the zoo keeper came over and told us we were too close. I was thinking, actually we were just walking and the monkey is the one that got in our way. Whatever. We always have a great time and see something new.

Jackson loves the tractors. He would stay on them all day if I let him. They have this cow there too that you can milk. A little creepy but I guess it is cool. I love the picture of Lizzy and Jack looking at the monkey. So close to the glass. Then we went to the play area and they burned off the rest of their energy before falling asleep in the car on the way home. Lizzy's face is just precious. So happy. What a sweetheart.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something Funny

I was doing my usual naptime activity, browsing the blogs when Brandon came by and looked at the computer screen. He sees this picture:City Craft in Dallas, TX
and says, "Wow that is a pretty fancy room."

My response... "That is a fabric shop, I wish that was my craft room."

His reply, "Yeah, I know what you were thinking."

Gotta love my husband.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Model

Lizzy is really becoming such a model. She almost poses on command...when she wants to. She has a stubborn, fiestiness about her so if she doesn't want to do something she won't. And she will throw one of these throw myself on the floor without trying to catch myself fits that makes me fear for her head on the tile. But when she does pose she knows how to work the camera. She smiles, says cheese, stands on command, and flashes those crystal baby blues. She still doesn't have much teeth, 8 on the top and only 2 on the bottom haha, but her smile lights up the room and her little giggle laugh. I am so glad I have a girl. She is just so sweet giving kisses and smart. Her vocabulary has expanded to about 50 words and her favorite phrase is "I did it!" with so much excitement you just want to pick her up and give her a giant hug. She repeats everything and follows 2 step commands like "go to your room and bring me your shoes". She still follows Jackson around like his shadow creating double the destruction in my house but I can't fault her too much. She does like to help clean up, unless it is a toy that caught her attention in the middle of putting it away. She likes to be chased around the house and being tickled. She loves her pig which is now missing it's nose holes and looks a little more peach than pink from all the snuggling. She loves babies and giving them kisses. She still eats everything including her favorite broccoli but doesn't like cheese unless it is on a sandwich or melted in something. She loves reading to me. She will grab a book, and walk backwards until she is nestled cozy in my lap.

Funny story: The other day we were watching Shrek Forever with Jackson and there is a kid that says "do the roar" in this funny smoker voice. So I said it to Lizzy and she roared. Now Brandon and I say it all the time and she gives this little roar. It is really cute. She probably gets sick of it but I still crack up every time. She knows how to push my buttons. She will do something wrong and she looks at me with this mischievous smile like "I know I am being naughty what you gonna do about it?" She is still really tall for her age at 39inches and weighs 23lbs which is right in the middle. I kinda miss my pudgy baby. She is growing up way too fast, and changing so much I feel like she will be off and independent before I know it. She is fearless and very independent already. She is strong and brave and tough. She will fall, gets up and dusts herself off, and moves on. It is amazing how different she is from Jackson. Jackson sleeps in her room almost every night now, I think he likes the company. And when she gets up in the morning or from her nap he will give her a big hug. They really are great friends and I am grateful for that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playtime at the Park

We love the park. Lately it has been really nice (60's) which is perfect park weather. Jackson is really obsessed and every time he sees a playground he yells "playground mom, go to playground mom". Luckily there are a few great playgrounds near our house so we switch off to avoid boredom, mainly for my because the kids don't care. They love every playground. Jackson is a little more cautious than crazy, fearless Lizzy who will climb to the tallest slide she can find and stand at the top. I really have to watch her because she would probably just jump off. However she is really tough to she might fall, stand up and shake herself off, and go back to playing. (I'm not kidding the girl is fearless). Jackson learned how to climb the chain latter and monkey bars all by himself and I was so proud of his courage and his accomplishment. They really are fun to be around when they get excited about something.

I had to include the picture of me because Jackson took it. Not too flattering but it's clear. Maybe a future photographer is in him. I'll have to teach him about camera angles for next time.
I love these pictures because both of them are sticking out their tongue when they are concentrating, just like dad.
Lizzy exploring the orange trees.
I love Lizzy's leopard coat from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Stoker. It is so soft and fluffy.

Ahhh they do love each other so much.

The orange trees are so beautiful this time of the year. It smells so good at night when the orange blossoms are out and the trees are filled with little orange balls.

Fun in a Box

I love how kids have the best imaginations, even at an early age. My mom bought the kids a great desk for all their crafting which they love but they also found the box so wonderful. How great is that! I know most of you have kids that have learned the fascination and intrigue of a good box but it always surprises me how much they love it. Coloring on it, hiding in it, taking it all over the house. Endless hours of fun.

Also fun, running around the house from dad. Lizzy is running around in circles from the family room, down the hall, through the office, and back to the family room right now waiting for Brandon to chase her and giggling like the crazy girl she is. Ahh the joys of being young.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let the posts begin

Okay so I haven't posted in awhile. Needless to say you are all dying to hear what we have been up to. Well since I am behind will start from the beginning.


This year most of the Brandon's family came for Christmas. All his sisters, their husbands, and his brother joined us in celebrating this joyous holiday. I was really excited about Christmas this year because Jackson is finally old enough to get the whole Santa presents thing. Anyways, we didn't go all out. The month just flew by. I remember saying we needed to hang the light around Dec 1st and then before I knew it it was Dec 21st. So no lights on the house. Bummer I know because that is what the kids like the most. We did however have several decorations in our house including a tree which Jack thought was really cool to turn on and off since it is hooked up to a switch. It is funny how kids can do the same thing over and over and still get a kick out of it every time it happens. (Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing something over and over and expecting a different outcome?) Anyways, it was fun to see him excited about it. Lizzy just liked taking the stuff off the tree and torturing mom and Jack who didn't like this very much.

The kids were really good about helping me wrap all the presents and put them under the tree which was fun. They didn't even try to open them. (something to look forward to for next year). We made chocolates again of course but since it was only Brandon's mom and I I think we only did like 400 this year. Still a lot but I was missing all the fondants and the chocolate dipped cherries. Then the festivities started including going to see the temple lights with new people (yeah Jill, Ella, and Ryen) and lots of outings with the family. Everyone got to pick one activity to do so we went to Bounce U which was a blast with the kids. Lizzy is fearless going down the big slides all by herself and Jackson loved the Nerf guns and shooting Grandpa. Then we went shopping, ate yummy Rosa's and Nielsons, and we even played the annual swing for bling mini golf in the backyard. (I came in last, because of a few stubborn holes).

Then for New Years we played Just Dance which is the BEST DANCE GAME EVER! And rung in the New Year with family, just the way I like it.

Jack and Lizzy got a train set from Santa which they both love. Lizzy likes to play with it when Jackson isn't around but when he is he gets so possessive about it so she takes it apart. It is kinda funny and a little annoying because Jackson cries and I have to put it back together.

All the guys got red suspenders from the Elf and showed them off! NICE.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still Busy

I'm still busy but will be posting a lot over the next few days. First I wanted to share my newest endeavor. A craft blog to display all my creative work. That way you don't have to see it on the family blog. Here is the site:

It is a partnership with my dear crafting friend Heather who has some amazing ideas. We will be giving tips, sharing ideas, showing tutorials, and having a give away for a special follower every month. Please check it out. Add it to your blog list, become a follower, leave comments, and enjoy.

Love you all