Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Model

Lizzy is really becoming such a model. She almost poses on command...when she wants to. She has a stubborn, fiestiness about her so if she doesn't want to do something she won't. And she will throw one of these throw myself on the floor without trying to catch myself fits that makes me fear for her head on the tile. But when she does pose she knows how to work the camera. She smiles, says cheese, stands on command, and flashes those crystal baby blues. She still doesn't have much teeth, 8 on the top and only 2 on the bottom haha, but her smile lights up the room and her little giggle laugh. I am so glad I have a girl. She is just so sweet giving kisses and smart. Her vocabulary has expanded to about 50 words and her favorite phrase is "I did it!" with so much excitement you just want to pick her up and give her a giant hug. She repeats everything and follows 2 step commands like "go to your room and bring me your shoes". She still follows Jackson around like his shadow creating double the destruction in my house but I can't fault her too much. She does like to help clean up, unless it is a toy that caught her attention in the middle of putting it away. She likes to be chased around the house and being tickled. She loves her pig which is now missing it's nose holes and looks a little more peach than pink from all the snuggling. She loves babies and giving them kisses. She still eats everything including her favorite broccoli but doesn't like cheese unless it is on a sandwich or melted in something. She loves reading to me. She will grab a book, and walk backwards until she is nestled cozy in my lap.

Funny story: The other day we were watching Shrek Forever with Jackson and there is a kid that says "do the roar" in this funny smoker voice. So I said it to Lizzy and she roared. Now Brandon and I say it all the time and she gives this little roar. It is really cute. She probably gets sick of it but I still crack up every time. She knows how to push my buttons. She will do something wrong and she looks at me with this mischievous smile like "I know I am being naughty what you gonna do about it?" She is still really tall for her age at 39inches and weighs 23lbs which is right in the middle. I kinda miss my pudgy baby. She is growing up way too fast, and changing so much I feel like she will be off and independent before I know it. She is fearless and very independent already. She is strong and brave and tough. She will fall, gets up and dusts herself off, and moves on. It is amazing how different she is from Jackson. Jackson sleeps in her room almost every night now, I think he likes the company. And when she gets up in the morning or from her nap he will give her a big hug. They really are great friends and I am grateful for that.

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