Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Pictures Please!

By now, as you can tell, my kids know exactly what to do when there is a camera pointed in their face lol. I bring out the camera and most of the time I get a "cheese" and a big smile. Yesterday was no exception. I was trying to get Elizabeth to model some of the petti skirts I made for my Etsy site so I took them out to the front yard for a quick photo shoot. They never go in the front yard because it is just too dangerous so this was a real treat. Elizabeth was a great model as usual but I think Jackson has been getting a little jealous of Lizzy getting all the attention. He wanted to wear one of the skirts too. Poor guy, boy's clothing is just not as much fun to make. I let him wear the skirt for a bit so he wouldn't have a total meltdown but then I told him that I would take some pictures of him acting tough like a boy. He LOVED that. He stood on a tree stump and showed off his muscles. It was so funny to hear him making the grunting noises and flexing.

Lately they have really been getting along. Elizabeth likes to give Jackson big hugs and kisses and Jack is such a nice brother always making sure she is alright. He says in his cute little voice, "You okay Lizabeth, you okay?" He has been getting a lot better on sharing too. And he is the total big brother in that when she does something naughty he tells her, "Lizabeth that's bad, you go in time out." It is pretty funny. She is talking more and more too. She can say, "I love you" and "More Please". Very sweet. I am glad they are such good buddies and they look out for each other.

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Brianna said...

They are so cute, I love Jackson's flexing.