Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playtime at the Park

We love the park. Lately it has been really nice (60's) which is perfect park weather. Jackson is really obsessed and every time he sees a playground he yells "playground mom, go to playground mom". Luckily there are a few great playgrounds near our house so we switch off to avoid boredom, mainly for my because the kids don't care. They love every playground. Jackson is a little more cautious than crazy, fearless Lizzy who will climb to the tallest slide she can find and stand at the top. I really have to watch her because she would probably just jump off. However she is really tough to she might fall, stand up and shake herself off, and go back to playing. (I'm not kidding the girl is fearless). Jackson learned how to climb the chain latter and monkey bars all by himself and I was so proud of his courage and his accomplishment. They really are fun to be around when they get excited about something.

I had to include the picture of me because Jackson took it. Not too flattering but it's clear. Maybe a future photographer is in him. I'll have to teach him about camera angles for next time.
I love these pictures because both of them are sticking out their tongue when they are concentrating, just like dad.
Lizzy exploring the orange trees.
I love Lizzy's leopard coat from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Stoker. It is so soft and fluffy.

Ahhh they do love each other so much.

The orange trees are so beautiful this time of the year. It smells so good at night when the orange blossoms are out and the trees are filled with little orange balls.

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