Sunday, January 23, 2011

My little Builder

Along with being outside, Jackson loves to build things. I am secretly hoping he becomes an architect someday. He live to do puzzles and he has like 4 different kinds of building materials that he uses to construct cars, towers, and helicopters. He is always taking apart his train set, I thought this was more of an urge for destruction, but I noticed today that he really enjoys putting it back together again too. Today after church I let the kids go outside and play. I went to go and check on them and I caught Jack carrying these large PVC pipes. I have no idea where the came from other than maybe the sprinkler guy left them. Anyways, the pipes are so long but Jackson was carrying them across the lawn to the corner. Then once he moved them all to the corner he began lining them up in a long pipe line. Then once he got them all lined up he connected them together. He even figured out that one of the ends was the wrong way because it wasn't connecting so he turned it around and then connected it. Talk about smart. He was so focused he didn't even know I was there until I told him to smile. I am amazed at the things he can accomplish, even at such a young age.

I also wanted to pose a question to all our readers. Today in the nursery I was talking to his nursery leader and she asked me if Jack talks much. I told her he talks up a storm at home. Not always understandable but I would say I understand about 90% of what he says. Then she told me that he doesn't play with the other kids in the nursery. He plays by himself under the table or in the corner. Then she asked if this worries me at all. I told her he is just really shy and I am not worried about it. He plays with the kids in his playgroup and with Lizzy at home. I think he is just a shy guy and doesn't really like sharing, lol. But I wanted to ask. . .does anybody else noticed these aspects in their kids? What do you do to get them to play with other kids more? Should I be worried?

I know the nursery leader is a teacher so I am sure she is just be overly cautious but it got me thinking. I am not worried yet, just observing. I won't worry myself until I he starts preschool and still doesn't want to play with others there.

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jor said...

oh he would get along so well with my boys...especially Colin. He loves to build and create and he has also always been a bit of a independent loner. He gets along just fine with other kids but will often be off by his own choosing. I used to worry about it when he was younger so I tried setting up play dates with other kids but they usually ended up playing with Brannon while Colin either chatted it up with the adults or found some project to work on. But, Like Jack, he plays great with his brothers. So I wouldn't worry too much. Nursery can be such a crazy place I don't blame him for finding his own little corner!