Monday, January 24, 2011

Cleaning Out Our Drawers

It is ridiculous how fast kids grow out of clothing. I feel like Elizabeth just turned 1 and now she is already into the 18-2T clothing. She is very tall. So I feel like it is every other month that I am going through her clothes and putting the ones she has outgrown in binds. The girl has so many clothes I already have like 3 binds full and that is along with giving away a lot of of her clothing. I am really trying to save most of it for the next one but I am worried if I have a boy by the time I do have another girl all the clothing will be old and gross, ha ha. I guess Brandon's sisters are lucky because they will be inheriting a lot of clothing when they start having their babies. Anyways, I guess Jack and Liz knew it was time to go through the drawers again because they took the initiative themselves. There I am talking on the phone in the office when I walk in and see Jackson smiling really big on a huge pile of clothing in Elizabeth's crib. Lizzy is just standing next to it smiling too. (Yeah, Jack figured out is he pushes the rocking chair over he can use it to climb into the crib).

How can you be mad at that face? So I decided to make it a photo opportunely and played it up with them. They thought it was hilarious reading books on top of all those clothes. Then when it was time to clean up of course they had a blast throwing them out of the crib and onto the floor. Ahhhh, what am I going to do with these two?

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