Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures and Adventures

It has been so beautiful here lately. Perfect for our favorite activities. We go to the park almost every day and the zoo every other week. I know you are all thinking, ahhh I hate them. But seriously I can't believe it is 75 degrees in Jan, sometimes I forget that it is still winter time. We went to the zoo this week and the kids had a blast as usual. I don't know what it is about kids and animals but mine sure do love them. The Phoenix zoo is actually a really great zoo. They have all the major animals, lions, tigers, elephants, . . . but the animal the kids love the most is the monkeys. Maybe because they are so close, or because they look funny but Jack and Liz get super excited when we see them. There is even a monkey house here where you can go down into a jungle area and the monkeys swing all around you. And we got a good look this time. We were walking out of the area when a little monkey landed on the railing right in front of us. He must have been less than a foot away. Both the kids went bananas, hehe. But really, they were clapping their hands and smiling so big. The monkey stayed for a while too, staring back at the two of them. Then the zoo keeper came over and told us we were too close. I was thinking, actually we were just walking and the monkey is the one that got in our way. Whatever. We always have a great time and see something new.

Jackson loves the tractors. He would stay on them all day if I let him. They have this cow there too that you can milk. A little creepy but I guess it is cool. I love the picture of Lizzy and Jack looking at the monkey. So close to the glass. Then we went to the play area and they burned off the rest of their energy before falling asleep in the car on the way home. Lizzy's face is just precious. So happy. What a sweetheart.

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