Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jackson Turns 6

Jackson turned 6 last week!!! 6, I can't believe it. I love that he is getting so big and such a happy guy.

We celebrated his birthday in style with a Ninjago birthday party at his Karate dojo. He invited all his favorite people, his friends and family. The teachers at Babin's Karate for Kids were amazing. They instructed the kids on basic karate forms and then played fun games like Master Says, sword fighting, and even an obstacle course where dad got to hit the kids with noodles at the end. Even Christian wanted to get in on the fun.

By the end of the party the kids were worn out and they all went home with a Lego Ninjago goodie bag.

He is such a sweet little boy, always loving and thankful. He taught the kids at his party karate moves and I was proud of him for going in front of everyone without hesitation. He is growing up and I am so happy to see him progressing and becoming a wonderful person.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New Beginning, April 2014

Well it has been 5 months since my last post. I have decided it is too hard to try to post from now and catch up on old posts so I am just going to go forward.

Here is an update on what is going on in our lives right now:

1. We sold our house. We are still living in Phil and Diane's house but our rental house is under contract. After 2 days on the market we received 3 offers. This has been such a blessing. Our thanks to the Lord for watching over us and the great blessings we have received this year.

2. The kids are growing and doing well. They are the ultimate blessing in my life. I love them more each and every day. Even during the tough times when I am tired or frustrated, I know I am lucking to have them in my family and to be their mother.

-Jackson: He is turning 6 this week. I can't believe how fast the years have passed. He is so smart and sweet. He was recently tested for special ed services at his school. He has been struggling all year with letters, reading, and remembering words. After the tests they concluded that he is very intelligent, above average intellectually and therefore he is not accomplishing what he is capable of in the classroom. They are going to provide services for him in reading and spelling. I am grateful for the help but frustrated that he is such a puzzle and we don't know why he is struggling so much. There is no solution which can be a frustrating process. Sometimes it is tough to know how to help our children as mother's when we know they need help. As of now I am going to stay the course, pray for guidance, and hope he overcomes whatever he is struggling with. He loves Legos. He ie lost his first two teeth last week. One fell out and he lost the tooth so he wrote a note to the tooth fairy. Then when he was laying in his bed the other tooth fell out. He came to tell me with this response:

Jackson: Mom my tooth fell out
Me: I know buddy that is why we put the note under your pillow
Jackson: No my other tooth fell out, What is Happening to Me?

So funny

-Elizabeth: She is so smart. Teaching her is like a different world from Jackson. I tell her something 1 time and she instantly copies it. Her issue is she is stubborn. She will only do homework or learn if she wants to. She refuses to do tasks like chores, homework, or karate based on how she is feeling at that time and nothing we say or do will convince her otherwise. She has a strong will and knows what she wants. This is good and bad based on the circumstance. She loves creating her own worlds. She uses objects in her room or around the house to create houses or palaces for her dolls and stuffed animals. She has a wonderful imagination.

Christian- He is a wonderful addition to our family. Fun loving and happy (most of the time) with an interest in mischief. He is very independent too. He finds ways to get what he wants, even when the thing that he wants is up high (like by finding a stool or climbing up, which can be very dangerous, I have to watch him all the time. He likes to wrestle and play, not afraid to tackle whoever is near including mom, dad, sister, brother, or even the dogs. He speaks very little but is very good at letting us know what he wants.

I am so grateful for my family. They keep me motivated and moving towards Christ. I know that the closer to Him I become the closer my family will become and that we can be together forever.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Summer Swimming and 4th of July 2013

It was an amazing summer. I forgot how hot the summers are here in AZ but we made it through spending most of the time in the pool or at the local splash pads. There are so many ways to stay cool in Arizona during the really hot months and the kids took full advantage of those places.

Hanging in our backyard.

Tempe Splash Pad. We made some great new friends this summer and reconnected with some old ones. A really good friend of mine from the BYU dorms and a few of her mom friends from a law school group. They have kids that are my kids ages and we loved getting together with them for outside playdates. 



 Ice Cream at Yogurtland.
 Swimming at Mesquite Groves Pool. When we moved here in Febuary the kids could barely swim with their life jackets on. Jackson wouldn't even get in the water. By the end of the summer they had turned into fish. Elizabeth liked to call herself a mermaid, flapping around the pool while holding her breath. Jackson's inner dare devil came out and he would jump off the top of the waterfall or dive off the diving board. I am so proud of them and all their bravery.

And we spent the 4th of July at our house with a few new friends. BBQ, swimming, Monster's University, and fireworks at night. Jackson was way into the fireworks, a piro like his mom. We had to watch him very closely as he got a little overly excited with the punk.