Sunday, May 31, 2015

Crazy Happens in the Stoker House

My favorite memories are just hanging out with our family at home. The kids have the best imaginations. I love watching them with their crazy creations and inventive lives. Whether they are playing pirates, creating a school for their dolls, building giant lego castles, and just jumping off my bed into a giant pile of pillows and blankets it is always a good time. Most of the time a little loud, someone is most likely crying, and everyone is laughing. 

 Rag curls in Elizabeth's hair. She likes to remind me that she is a balance of myself and Aunt Sarah, a little whiny and a little brave when it comes to getting her hair done.

 I love spending time with these two. Christian has taken to be a big brother very well. He is really protective of William always checking on him, letting me know if he cries, and making sure the other kids are not too rough around him. It is adorable and Will loves watching Christian play. They are going to be great friends when they are older. Christian calls "baby Will his best brother".

 Making crazy snakes while potty training.


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Setting Goals for Kids is Important Too

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