Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Elizabeth loves the Lorax. So she decided to dress like him for "dress like your favorite book character day" at school. 

 Spring break in AZ is like a ghost town. Everyone heads out of town. We love it here during spring break because the weather is wonderful, there are lots of fun activities and events, and lots of time outside. One of our favorite outtings is to visit the I.D.E.A. museum. The displays change every three months and there are always lots of arts and crafts projects to use to make wonderful creations. 

Another fun event we attended was the SPARK festival at the Mesa Art Center. It is a yearly festival where kids can come and create and use their imaginations. This year's theme was music and flight. The kids created plastic wrap sculptures, watched a butterfly play, played with different kinds of music instruments, and creating a giant fish on the windows using shrinkydinks. Elizabeth decided to play in the water while we were there. I warned her to be careful especially with her cast on and of course only 5 minute into it she totally fell in the water completely drenching herself and her arm. Luckily she held her arm up sacrificing the rest of her body. Will this kid ever learn?

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