Monday, April 13, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

So we finally celebrated Jackson's birthday yesterday along with Easter. It was a big celebration day! He had so much fun and got so much stuff. Books, toys, clothes, and even a big boy place setting with a really cool dino cup. As most of you know 1 year olds aren't the best at blowing out candles (although Jackson really likes pretending like he is lighting a candle. I have one with an automatic lighter and he always picks up the lighter and pretends like he is lighting the candle. It is really funny), anyways back to blowing it out he didn't so I did it for him. But he was enthralled by the fire. I made him a bunny carrot cake which I thought was suitable for both Easter and birthdays and he loved it. I had to limit the amount of cake because I think he would have eaten the whole thing if I had let him. I think his favorite toy overall was a cat piano. He loves music and was playing and dancing to it all night. He also liked the fact that it has a microphone on it so he can hear himself sing in his baby words. He is so funny and it was nice spending time with 4 generations (great grandma/grandpa, grandma/grandpa, mom/dad, and baby Jack). I can't believe my little boy is a toddler now. . . well almost.

1 YEAR measurements:
Height: 31.75 inches (95%)
Weight: 23 lbs (50%)

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jor said...

happy happy birthday!! I can't believe it has been a year already! I love his green sweater vest...soo cute and that is awesome all the generations you guys had there together. We have one picture of Colin as a baby with 5 generations right before my great grandpa passed is pretty cool.