Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dance Machine

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in awhile because nothing new has happened. Brandon has been studying for all his insurance licenses which has been good but hard because Jackson likes to help. I am in my second trimester which is nice because I am feeling a lot more energy and less sensitive to smells. Jackson is almost 1 but still not walking. Although he is a bit of a dancer. Whenever we turn on music with a beat you can see his body start to dance, almost as if he can't control it. If he is sitting it will be his upper body shimmying to the music, if he is standing his legs do this crazy leg thing where they bounce up and down and out to the sides. And the other night he was holding onto the coffee table and doing pelvic thrusts. I don't know where he learns it from because I don't dance but since he has been dancing so much I feel myself wanting to dance with him. DANCE PARTY IN JACK'S ROOM (if anyone wants to come over). It is pretty funny. He is a funny little boy. I will post new pictures soon. Until then dance to your own music.

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