Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basketti Anyone?

Ooohh Spaghetti
I'm not sure if I like it mom.
Yum that's good stuff.Jackson has been working on using utensils lately. He is good at putting the spoon in his mouth with the food on it, not so good at getting the food on it. Eventually he ends up using the utensils God gave him. . .his 5 little digits. Oh well he will get it eventually and until then it will be a blast watching him try.

Vegetable check: Jack loves green beans and he will eat sweet potates and sometimes peas but I tricked him because I put pureed squash in the sauce. He gobbled it all up!


Brianna said...

Wow, I love that smile and he is getting so big.

Shelby and Ted said...

You are a cute mom Jess. The only way that Ted has found to get Saydee to eat peas are to cover them in chocolate pudding. This is not something I approve! Love ya! I could learn from you.