Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The joy of boys

I know it is too early to tell but I have to admit a large part of me is hoping that I am going to have another boy. Girls are sweet and much more fun to dress, like having a life size doll; however I have found so much joy in having a boy that I really want another one. I think it would be fun for Jackson to have a bro, someone he can grow up with. Buds for life. Boys may be more rambunctious but I like the crazy, all over the place, chasing after the dog thing. We also have tons of boy stuff since Jack grew so fast and barely wore some of his clothes. I thought it would be nice to get a feeling from others on this issue. Many of my friends have had girls recently and I thought a little comparison would be fun. Correct me if I am wrong but here is my list:

Easier to clean
Cool toys: trucks and trains, balls and drums
Blue and Green: my favorite colors
Playing pirates
Play hard/sleep well

always having to take a bath
Rowdy=stiches, broken bones, bumps on the head
getting into trouble

sweet dresses
sweet smelling
sweet smiles
girl sports

worrying about boys

This is all I know for now. Let me just preface by telling you that I grew up 2 years older than my sister. It has been a lifetime of a love/fight relationship. We were so different yet so alike. Not to mention HIGHLY COMPETITIVE which seems to run in our family. I just don't want my children to fight over clothes, boys, and tennis/volleyball matches the way we did. I love my sister very much and we have matured thankfully but that took around 18 years for me to get over the love/hate of Sarah.

Don't get me wrong I really want to have a girl someday but right now a boy would be ideal. Then we can wait a few years and have a girl. A girl can only dream.


The Parke Family said...

Funny thing is that I was okay with whatever we wound up with but I LOVE having two boys. The relationship that they have already is amazing. No one can make Jimmy laugh the way Charlie does.

Might try for that girl someday but for now, I'm totally in love with my boys and know exactly what you mean!

Marel and Tom Stock! said...

Tom wants to add to the good about girls list "they're so cute!"