Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Time

Today was my first doctor's appointment as a second time mom. Thankfully Brandon was home because it would have been a little chaoic bringing Jackson with me. Anyways, I got to see the new baby and man he/she is a mover. He/She (I don't like calling him/her it) was wiggling around and spinning. Crazy, just like his/her brother. I know it is the second time around, and some say that is not as exciting which I can see. I mean, you've already had one so everything isn't new. However, when you see that little heart beat for the first time and those little arms and legs with the head as big as the body. . .your heart just melts. I have to admit I don't really get sick when I am pregnant so I don't really feel pregnant but today it became real.

On another note, I swear Jackson can sense when I leave the house. This morning he was sleeping in his bed not moving a muscle (other than breathing). Then as soon as I left Brandon said he woke up. He sleeps until 10 almost every day so waking up at 8:45am is early for him. And on Fridays I go and play walleyball in the moring around 8:30, lately I have been leaving Jack at home hoping that he will sleep but for some reason as soon as I leave he wakes up. He can sense that I am gone, what can I say he loves his mommy.

*We don't have a cat, this is just a fluffy neighborhood cat that likes attention. My favorite kind cuddles but then goes home to someone else.


Kimberlyn said...

Wow Jess, congrats!!! I had no idea, I'm so excited for you!

Mark, Shannon, and Trey said...

I tried the lentils carrot potato chick broth!!! ( I hope thats what you said) He loved it!

jor said...

Ya! for a great first appointment. It is the most reassuring one! And that is pretty funny about jackson knowing when you leave :)