Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GNAW, teeth

Jack is teething, even though I can't see anything yet I know it is happening. He is gnawing on everything he can get his mouth on, he won't eat sometimes, and has gotten really picky about the bottles he uses, and he slobbers all over everything. The worst part is the crankiness. At first I thought he was just being fussy but I am sure now it is because he mouth hurts. I don't know what to do for the little guy. He seems to really like this plastic duck because it is surrounded by a sphere of plastic tubes (that is the best I can describe it). I think the tubes feel good because he can shove the whole side of the tube in his mouth. He won't take those teething rings from the freezer and he doesn't like my finger anymore. I know that every baby and mother goes through it but all I can say is teething is awful and I am not looking forward to dealing with this for the next 9 months.He gets the tonge thing from his dad.

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jor said...

I love the hat, so cute!