Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newport Beach Temple

I almost forgot a few pictures from California. We visited the Newport Beach temple.  
The temple was closed so we were unable to attend a session but we were able to walk around the grounds and enjoy the beautiful weather. I loved the architecture of this temple with all the arches and the black shiny tile that led the path up to the doors. The temple grounds were amazing too. It was like a lush tropical scene from a movie with lots of pathways leading through the flowers and other foliage.  There was a large running water fountain that began at the base of the temple and ran down a few feet down a hill. This was a major problem because the first thing Elizabeth wanted to do was take her shoes off and run through the water.

This is my favorite picture. She was busy singing I Love to See the Temple the entire time too. This will definitely be a keeper for when she can actually go in.
It really was beautiful and I hope I get to see the inside someday.

Next we boarded the plan and took off the Seattle. We had a short layover in Salt Lake where the kids took advantage exploring the plane including the luggage compartments. Thankfully Brandon's parents were on the plane to help me keep the kids occupied and quiet for the 4 hour trip.

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