Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunny in Seattle

Our summer in Seattle kicked off with a bang. This was a quick trip. Really quick. We only spent a week in Seattle this year due to our busy schedules. But we made the best of the time we had. I flew by myself with all 3 kids. Thankfully Christian slept about 1/2 the time and the remainder of the trip went fairly smoothly. There were a lot of kids on the plane so mine were not the only ones who squawked a bit.

We got in late Tuesday night and were greeted by my mom, Derek, Sarah, and Steve. The kids were so excited to see them again. The next day I met my dear friend Jeremy at the park for lunch. We chatted while the kids played. Then off to Seattle to stay the night at Steve and Sarah's house. Both Jack and Liz thought staying at Aunt Sarah's house was a real treat, Jackson even told
me, "I've always wanted to have a sleepover." All his 5 years of life, haha.
It is a little apartment but we managed to make it through the night and were rewarded with a beautiful day in Seattle the next morning.

We met up with Adam and spent the day at the beach throwing rocks and wading in lake Washington. It was amazing. I miss the water so much and being on the beach I was surrounded by it. The smell is divine, by far my favorite smell in the world. And so refreshing, like the rain and ocean washed all my stress away. While exploring the beach and the docks we found a crow tangled in some fishing line hanging from a tree branch. Thankfully Adam climbed the tree and rescued the crow, Super Adam to the rescue. The only mishap of the day was Elizabeth losing one of her jelly shoes when Adam was dropping her feet into the water. She was very distraught but her mood quickly changed when we suggested shopping to buy some new shoes. (She is definitely my daughter, lol).
After shopping we spent the afternoon at the playground. An amazing playground. I didn't know Seattle could be so family friendly. I always think of it as a singles town with no community atmosphere but I was enlightened and happy to spend a relaxing day with my family.