Sunday, October 6, 2013

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday

Elizabeth turned 4 this year. She has grown into a little diva. We celebrated with a family party and a flower pinata. She was so excited for her birthday, unfortunately there was a small hiccup in the perfect birthday. She went to the dentist the day before and had some cavities filled. While her mouth was numb she bit the inside of her cheeks which caused her to get an infection. She was swollen for a week and had to take antibiotics for 10 days. I warned her not to bit her cheeks but anyone who knows her will tell you that she is one stubborn little girl.

Here are some other things we love about our little Lizzy bug.

-She is so smart. She is already sounding out words and writing letter.
-She still loves pink. Everything is pink.
-She loves all her activities including karate, soccer, and ballet.
-She loves Barbies. Obsessed with playing in her doll house and dressing them all up. I love to sit and listen to her play with them, giving all the Barbies very interesting names like Selina, Vanessa, and Marina. I notice she uses a lot of phrases I use when I speak to her like, "I love you sweetheart" and "I told you to be careful." A little sponge that's all I'm saying.
-She loves purses, makeup, jewelry, and painting her nails.
-She still wears dresses almost every day.
-She loves playing outside especially in the sandbox or swimming in the pool. She can dive, and do flips into the pool.
-Her favorite books are the Pink Princess, The Very Fairy Princess, and Shoe-la-la
-Her favorite movies are Sophia the First, Mulan, and Sleeping Beauty

She is our little princess and we love her sweetness and her firey personality. My sour patch girl (first she's sour, than she's sweet).

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