Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jackson Turns 6

Jackson turned 6 last week!!! 6, I can't believe it. I love that he is getting so big and such a happy guy.

We celebrated his birthday in style with a Ninjago birthday party at his Karate dojo. He invited all his favorite people, his friends and family. The teachers at Babin's Karate for Kids were amazing. They instructed the kids on basic karate forms and then played fun games like Master Says, sword fighting, and even an obstacle course where dad got to hit the kids with noodles at the end. Even Christian wanted to get in on the fun.

By the end of the party the kids were worn out and they all went home with a Lego Ninjago goodie bag.

He is such a sweet little boy, always loving and thankful. He taught the kids at his party karate moves and I was proud of him for going in front of everyone without hesitation. He is growing up and I am so happy to see him progressing and becoming a wonderful person.

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