Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer in Seattle 2014

I am turning over a new leaf and have decided to make it a goal to blog at least 1 time per month. I know that doesn't seem like much but lately I have been choosing naps over crafts and blogging. I haven't even taken many pictures except on my iphone lately. What has happened to my to my hobbies? Less sewing, crafts, and time spent on the computer and more time spent with my children. That is what happened. And I am okay with that. I have shifted my priorities. Now that school is back in session I might have time to get back to some of the personal activities I love, but with a new baby coming probably not.

Oh yeah, baby #4 is coming our way December 23rd! He is an active little boy (just like my others) and we are so excited to add to our family this Christmas. I have felt really good, just like my other pregnancies other than the occasional aches and pains and the exhaustion which is to be expected when you are chasing after, playing with, and cleaning up after 3 other kiddos.

We had an amazing summer. it went by so fast. Part of our time was spent in Arizona while Jackson completed summer school and then we were off to sunny Seattle. (Never thought I'd say that). It was beautiful in Seattle the entire 2 weeks we were there. I set off with my three children on the airplane and to my surprise we made it all in one piece without chunks of my hair missing. Christian slept for half the flight so that made the flight a bit easier but he is getting big and we were snug in the seats.

We rode bikes, took daily trips to the lake and even spent a short weekend in Seattle at Aunt Sarah's house. The kids loved the experience of swimming in the lake. A little different from our clear blue pool in AZ. Jackson did not like the fact that his goggles didn't seem to work in the lake.


A few of the highlights of the trip were:

 celebrating the 4th of July at the lake


going to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center and the Rainforest Cafe'

 a few days in Seattle with Aunt Sarah at Pike Place and the waterfront

 Visiting with old friends on Tapps Island

 Eating ice cream with cousins

 visiting Grandpa Stock and the rest of the Stock family at their Lake Washington family reunion

 visiting Grandpa Miller and Aunt Teri at Hood Canal

 driving Grandpa Derek's remote control car

 wrestling with Aunt Sarah

 visiting Grandpa Hanson and his cat, Lady

We were missing dad by the end of the trip and ready to head back home but it was great to get out of the desert heat and enjoy some family fun with our Washington relatives..

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