Friday, January 16, 2009

Jail Time

So we bought a gate for the computer area to keep Jack out. He thought it was all fun and games when Brandon began putting it together. He was banging the bars together and playing with the box. Then when we actually put the gate up he was so confused. He grabbed onto the bars and gave us this look like, "WHY?".

I felt a little bad because the computer area was beginning to be his favorite play area, but that was the problem. He got into all Brandon's cords (and those of you who know him know that is A LOT of cords), would use the speakers to stand up and then he would bonk his head on the counter. We had to do it. At least now he has something else to grab onto and pull himself up on.

*This is a picture of Jackson giving me kisses through the bars.


Shelby and Ted said...

Cute title! I cannot believe that he is that mobile. He is too adorable.

Brianna said...

How cute! He has changed so much just since november. He will be walking soon:)

Ashley Hall said...

He's growing up so fast! So cute. We need to talk soon. It's been way too long.