Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothing New

The Lazy DAZ of January have finally passed. For some reason, other than my birthday, nothing happened in Jan. I didn't take many pictures, I slept a lot, and just hung around the house which is super boring. However I did get a lot of scrapbooking done which I have decided is the best thing to do for documentation purposes however it is kind of of the devil for me because I find myself addicted to buying scrapbook stuff. We now have 7 completed scrapbooks from college and my married life so far. Does that sound a little extreme to anyone else? I am currently working on Jackson's baby book (which is all caught up I am proud to say), and a book that documents our family since Jack was born (a baby book for Jack and a baby book for me). Anyways, it is a good thing that I am an extremely organized person because if I wasn't our house would be over-run with paper, glue, scissors, and stickers.

On another note, if anyone living in AZ has an idea of houses to rent let me know. Our lease is up in May here and I think we are going to be needing to move to a bigger place. That is if we are still here.

Brandon is still looking for a job and the urgency is at an all time high! He had a few interviews last week that went well so hopefully something good will come from them. Otherwise, I don't know what we are going to do. Maybe go back to school, move to Seattle, who knows. It is hard not knowing the future for me. I am a planner and this uncertainty is driving me crazy!

I am glad we have the gospel in our lives and that we pay our tithing because I know the Lord will protect us and help us to overcome these trials. Anyways, hope all of you are doing well. More pictures of Jack to come soon. . . I am going to motivate myself to get out there and practice my photography talents.


Erica said...

Move to Seattle ;)

Brianna said...

I am such a planner. It would be killing me too!

jor said...

Good for you and all those scrapbooks! I have a list of probably that many that need to be done :) but they don't get made fast enough to keep up with life!

I used to be a planner until nothing seemed to go how we planned and it always ended up being better than we could have planned for! But it sounds like you guys have the right perspective and are a great example of having faith that whatever happens someone is watching out for you :) I just hope it falls into place soon for you! Love ya!