Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy V Day

This year for Valentine's Day we are going up to a cabin in Flagstaff with Brandon's family. I am really excited for Jack to see the snow. I bought him a somewhat ugly, but cheap's hard to find a snowsuit in AZ. We are going for the entire weekend which should be really fun. Snowboarding and sledding, I can't wait.We also celebrated Valentine's by having a Valentine's Day party for our Mom's group. It was so much fun. The girl who hosted (Amanda) decorated her whole house in heart and streamers, everything looked so cute. The kids ate some lunch, exchanged Valentines, and enjoyed eachother's company. Even though Jackson doesn't know what a Valentine is yet, he still had a blast and I get all the candy. Jack's favorite part was the balloons. He LOVES balloons. We took home 3 and he just gets a kick out of hitting them and having them bounce back to him.

Also lately Jackson's favorite thing to do is push this diaper box around the apartment. He has a push walker but it is difficult to maneuver around corners. The box is perfect because it is light and just the right height for him to stand up and push it around. He is a funny little boy, looking more like a boy than a baby these days.

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jor said...

I'm so glad you have a mom's group there! they are the best when you are home with a cute little guys who doesn't talk much to you yet :) that diaper box is a great idea!