Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Girl

Elizabeth is just going too fast. I can't believe how independent she has become. She holds her own bottle or cup, can feed herself finger foods like cherrios or veggie straws, she puts herself to sleep at night (after a bottle and some cuddle rocking the the chair), and she can get to just about anything she puts her mind to. She is spunky too. Jackson loves her so much but he can be a big brother that picks on her sometimes and she takes it and gives it back to him. She pulls his hair or squeezes his cheeks. Don't get me wrong I am not promoting this, but I am proud of my little baby girl and her defending herself makes Jackson think twice about teasing her. They actually get along great. It is my favorite time each day to watch them play and interact with each other. He is so concerned about Lizzy's well-being and Lizzy wants to be doing whatever Jackson is doing.

In other news Elizabeth gets her helmet off in less than 2 weeks. It has been amazing to see what the doc band has done for her and to watch her head change each week. I am grateful for the band but I am so excited for it to be off so I can cuddle with her and see her sweet eyes and face again. Plus it gets really sweaty under there and I can tell it is itchy. She has been a real trooper about this whole thing and I am proud of her for going with the flow. I am a little concerned about her adjusting to having the helmet off because she hits her head a lot and isn't phased by it right now. (Just to clarify she hits her head on the floor when she is sitting or attempting to crawl).

Here are some other updates that Lizzy is reaching:
-she is eating table food including anything on mom's plate
-she has the fastest hands quick to grab whatever is in my hand including food, spoons, or water bottles
-she isn't crawling yet but is getting really close
-she rolls every where and anywhere she wants to go
-she can turn pages of board books and loves reading with mom
-she loves talking, not saying any words yet, but she sure talks a lot
-she loves the water whether it is the bathtub or pool
-she still doesn't have any teeth
-she has move objects from one hand to the other
-she uses her pincher fingers to eat food
-she loves Grandma's chicken and potatoes recipe
-she grabs my face and pulls me in to give me kisses
-she loves other babies and her brother
-she loves being tickled
-she prefers standing over sitting and is really good at refusing to sit. She arches her back and stiffens her legs (it is so funny)
-when she gets excited she claps her hands and kicks her feet a lot
-she still loves playing peek-a-boo and LOVES music and dancing

She is a really sweet little girl. A handful but very sweet. I have a feeling I am in for a whirlwind of a child with this one. Jackson is pretty calm and shy and Lizzy is the opposite. It is going to be fun to see how she grows and how her personality comes out.

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Jill Carilli said...

Shy and calm is Ryen... handful whirlwind is Ella. I got you covered on both ends. We'll talk!! LOL

She is just awesome Jess. She is getting so big and smiles at me when I see her out. These big toothless grins... she is starting to look so much like Jack Jack too. I love you guys.