Sunday, May 23, 2010

The five S's

This week was filled with the five S's. Sleeping, Sickness, Sandboxes, Smoothies, and Shopping. Brandon's sisters are still in town for a few more days so we took advantage of the friendships and went shopping a few times this week. I didn't buy much (a pair of shoes for $12 and a pair of shorts) but still I love shopping, even if it isn't for me. Actually especially when it is not for me. Then on Thursday something came over me and I was really sick. REALLY SICK. I couldn't even get out of bed.

Thankfully Brandon's mom and sisters came over and took the kids for the day because there was no way I could have handled them myself. I slept for most of the day, sipped on water, watched a few movies, and slept some more. But the highlight of my day was when Brandon and the kids got home. I was on the coach, half coherent, when Jackson walks in, says "hi Mom" in his cute way and gives me a huge hug. I really missed them that day.Thankfully by Friday I was feeling much better. So we went back over to Brandon's parent's house to hang out and I needed to make a baby present for my friend Sara that is expecting a boy in June. A few months ago I realized that I know a lot of moms expecting this summer so I decided to create something personal for each of them. I bought this really cute pattern on sale from Joann's, some quilting fabric squares, a few packages of plain white onesies in different sizes, and went to work. So far I have made 4 sets but I have a whole lot more to make. Here is a picture of Jackson modeling one of the items I made.
On Saturday we went to the shower (or sprinkle I guess since it is her second child), and it was so fun. Intimate with about 10 or so moms, and just great to be around friends. Then we went to Buffalo where I sold back a pair of jeans that don't fit anymore, and got a new pair, what a great deal. The only good thing about being sick is you always lose weight. I actually lost about 3lbs and have kept them off as of this morning. I am still working on my goal and have only 5lbs left to lose.

Then on Saturday night we went out to dinner with everyone to celebrate Ashley's birthday and spend time with the family before they go back home. The kids are usually pretty good in restaurants but for some reason those terrible twos crept in and Jackson threw the olive oil on the table, knocking a dish on the floor, where it broke. AWESOME! Needless to say we took a time out and the rest of the dinner went smoothly.
The rest of the weekend we spent relaxing and enjoying our family. After church we played outside in the sandbox, drank smoothies (Lizzy loved it!), and Brandon tried to show Jackson how to play t-ball. He just wanted to smack the ball with his hand instead of the bat but he had fun fielding Brandon's balls that he hit. It was a really fun week and great to spend time with all our family.


Jill Carilli said...

Ahhhh... the twos! I remember. LOL I am sure Ryen is not too far behind! LOL

Brianna said...

What a cute bib. You are getting quite crafty.