Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas in July?

You've heard of Christmas in July, but how about Sprinklers in December? Well in Arizona we play that way. Today we had our annual mom's group cookie exchange at our house. All the moms brought yummy treats while we socialized and the kids created the disaster zone as I like to call it. Thanks to my toy binds the clean up was a piece of cake. Anyways, there we are eating our yummy cookies and gossiping when we hear all this high pitched laughing outside. Low and behold there are the kids running through the sprinklers, soaking wet. By that point it was, what is the point in stopping them so I grabbed my camera and we took advantage of a very funny situation. The kids had a blast and that is what is important right. Good thing it is like 80degrees here, no one was even cold afterward.

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jor said...

Oh my. I love this and hate this at the same time. I sure could use some AZ weather right now...it has been sooo cold here!