Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family Picture Time

Once a year I drag Brandon out of the house to take a family picture. He doesn't like it but he is a trooper and does what I ask. He even lets me pick out what he will wear. This year we got a deal because my friend Erin who is an amazing photographer offered to do a trade. I took her family pictures a few weeks ago (and they are awesome I might add) and then she took ours this week. I wanted to go to somewhere new but we ended up taking them at Red Mt Ranch (we have taken family pictures here before and I have taken a lot of pictures there). But it was fun to see how someone else works behind the camera. She actually had us take some shots in different spots so I learned a lot and the pictures turned out beautiful. I don't want to give away our Christmas card pictures yet so I will just put some of the other ones up for your viewing eyes. The kids were pretty good. Jackson got a new lightening car after the shoot so that was motivation for him but Lizzy is just a chaotic whirlwind these days and there is no form of bribery or asking that will keep her down lol. Still Erin did a great job. Hopefully this will be a yearly thing.

And if you want to see some of the recent pictures I have taken check out my photography blog: