Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Week in AZ

We have been having a blast this week in AZ. I love AZ so much and really miss it. I miss the people, I miss the sunshine, I miss the clean roads. I am getting used to ABQ but I really do miss AZ. We have been hanging by the pool, shopping and watching movies with my SIL and MIL and going to the zoo. Ashley was visiting this week from DC so it was really nice to hang with her as well. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Mid 80s to early 90s which is unherd of at this time of the year, not too hot ...just right.

Here are some pictures from our trip so far.

Real pioneer women chopping wood in dresses, lol.

Bon fires by the pool.

Happy 17th birthday Cam.

Liz sporting Grandpa's glasses.
Look at the giraffes mommy.
Jackson acting grumpy. Being 3 sure is tough.

Getting their shoes shined with Aunt Ashley.

A ride on a dragon.

Playing on the splash pad.

The only downfall is Brandon is all alone at home and we are really missing him. The kids only got to see him for a day and they keep asking "where is daddy"? Then they say, "he's at work". They are so cute. They are really going to miss Grandma and Grandpa who they love hugging, kissing, and getting tickled by. It is just so nice to be around family.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton of fun! :)

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