Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Mastectomy and Chest Tube

My mom's mastectomy seemed to go smoothly for the most part. The surgeon completed it in a timely manner and removed all the tumor as well as the infected lymph nodes. They sent her home the same day which I don't understand after major surgery but whatever. She came home and was in a lot of pain which they said she wouldn't be. She was also very sick from the anesthesia which is common.

After a night in pain she decided her meds weren't working. The hospital called and said they found something on the radiology report and they wanted her to come back in. So she went to back to the hospital. By the time she got to the hospital she could barely breath. It turns out the surgeon nicked her lung and had an idea she might have and she still sent her home. I AM SO ANGRY!

So they put in a chest tube to help her breathing. Unfortunately because she is a smoker there is fluid in her lungs and a mucus plug was blocking the chest tube. So they took her back to surgery and put in a larger chest tube which seemed to improve her breathing. It did improve but as of this morning she is still on oxygen and not breathing well. The doctors have a pulmonary specialist doing breathing exercising with her and helping her learn to breath correctly. She will be in the hospital for today and I am not allowing them to release her until we are sure this problem is solved.

Complications from surgeons and smoking and now my mom's health is in even more danger and this is just the beginning. It is going to be a long road. Please pray for us and my mom.


sue stock said...

I,m so sorry Jess! It's a good thing you're in Washington! We'll be praying for her.

sue stock said...

What's your mom's full name so I can call the Temple? Would she like a blessing?
I'm hoping she's getting a nicotine patch to help with the withdrawl- it would make everything else she's going through a little easier.

Stillman Family said... mom is definitely in our prayers. Sorry to hear this is what you are all going through.

Jill Carilli said...

Jessica I am SO sorry I had no idea you were going through this. I have just had time to go online and read some blogs and yours was the first one I clicked on! How did I not hear this? I am praying for your Mom's healing and for all of your strength. SO SORRY. Hugs and kisses from afar. Love you. xo