Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

I has been the hottest and driest summer here in New Mexico in a long time. Not that we would know being it is our first summer here but apparently this weather is not normal. I feel like it is much cooler here coming from Phoenix, lol. Anyways, there have been several wildfires here and so the skies are very smokey and congested. And because of this there was a no firework warning for the 4th. Sad, as you may know I have inherited a little bit of a pyro love from my father. We did buy a few small things, small fountains, sparklers, and a pagoda (my all time favorite). The kids thought it was really exciting, especially Jackson. Elizabeth was not too sure. (I didn't take any pictures because I was busy enjoying the moment but we got some video for our family home video collection.

The day before the 4th it rained, AMAZING! I think my kids have only seen rain a handful of times. It is funny because whenever it rains they want to go out and play in it. As a Seattle native I am so accustomed to rain I forget how fun it can be. I actually love the rain. I bought Jackson a rain slicker the other day and Elizabeth has this beautiful rain jacket I got from my friends Jill and Adrianna at my baby shower.

The kids had so much fun running through the puddles and dancing in the rain. They rode their bikes, stomped in the puddles, and stood under the drips coming off the side of the roof laughing hysterically. I love how the simple things can bring so much joy.

Jackson did remind me that he could be wearing his Thomas rain boots that he wanted me to buy him but I told him it was a waste because he will never wear them (this was like 2 months ago). That kid has a memory like an elephant.

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jor johnson said...

I saw these on facebook and thought they were the most beautiful pictures Jess!!