Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas in the Stoker house

I am finally feeling better, thank goodness. Now I can get back to life, clean my house, and get ready for Christmas which is only 10 days away...what? I know, Dec is flying by. So other than being housebound we haven't really been up to much. It has been rainy here and cold which is just a constant reminder of why we lived in Arizona (lol). I don't mind the rain but the kids go a little crazy being stuck in the house all day. I guess we are going to need to branch out and find some fun places to go inside in ABQ. We have been enjoying the lights and the Christmas spirit right now. The kids love looking for the Elf on the Shelf every morning. I am not always creative with the placement of the elf but he does bring a gift once in while which is kind of a take off from a tradition in Brandon's childhood.

Jackson is very excited about Christmas, asking me every day if it is Christmas yet. And Elizabeth is so excited to go to Grandma Stoker's house. She names everyone she is going to see each day including the dogs. It really is amazing how much the kids remember and take in. Everyone says they are like little sponges but it isn't until you have children of your own that the saying really comes to life.

I decided to make a few gifts this year which is really fun and gives a little personal touch on Christmas. One item that I made recently is Elizabeth's Christmas dress. I have been thinking about this dress for a long time, like 4 months. Finally I knew what I wanted and I made it. It turned out exactly how I pictured it. I just wish it fit a little better on the top, but better bigger than too small.
Jackson will be wearing a sweater, tie combo that I bought from Children's Place with matching colors (black, white, red, and grey). He looks very dashing in it. He is really getting to be such a big boy. Taller, older, smarter. I just can't believe how fast time flies. I have a picture of him sitting on Santa's lap when he was a baby and it seems like a lifetime ago. I am so happy to have him and Elizabeth in my life, I thank God everyday for bringing them to me. But mostly it brings a spirit to Christmas that is so sweet, it brings joy to every day.

Last week we had a Christmas party for Joy School and the kids re-enacted the birth of the Savior. Jackson was a wise men. He wasn't into the Christmas song singing but when it came time to praise the Lord he wanted to be right there. I told him that his part was to bring a gift to Jesus...his response, "But he is up in the clouds."Kids are so pure of heart. All of the kids were great in the play and it was fun to share the story of the birth of the Lord with them.

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jor johnson said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE her Christmas dress!! You are so talented!!