Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let it Snow

Yep it snowed here. The perfect amount in my opinion. Sat and Sun it snowed a light fluffy frost. I looked out the window Saturday morning to find my backyard covered in a beautiful untouched blanket of white. There was a little drizzle of fluffy white flakes drifting down melting just as they hit the ground. Seriously so gorgeous I stopped everything, sat on the couch and just admired the sceenery for a few moments of peace. Then came the kids, lol. They were so excited to see the snow. First time ever that they can remember. We got bundled up and went outside. Jackson made a snowman instantly, not at my request (it must be innate). Then we proceeded to make a snowman. Lizzy lasted about 10 min before she took off her gloves and cried that she was cold, proceeding directly to a nice warm bath. Jack and I continued with our snowman. When he was formed Jack had some very specific ideas for the type of snowman he was going to be. Can you guess?....

A pirate of course. We got out the hat and eye patch. Jackson made sure he had all the needed appendages (he really is a perfectionist) and we snapped a few shots before going inside.
Then we had our ward Christmas party on Sat. night where Santa came to visit. Jack talked about meeting Santa all day long, but when the time actually came to sit on his lap and shake his hand Jackson chickened out of course. He wouldn't even get in the picture with Elizabeth and me. He really is such a whimp sometimes.

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