Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Last 2 Weeks

Wow it has been 2 weeks since my last what have we been doing?

-online classes
-taking the CFP test
-preparing Thanksgiving dinner (best turkey ever made)
-setting up our Christmas decorations
-Christmas shopping
-making Christmas gifts
-sewing (I know but I have been doing a lot of sewing)
-preparing/planning for the RS Christmas party
-counting or at least working on counting
-taking Jackson to school
-going to the gym
-play dates
-park dates
-date night
-guest posting

Basically I am tired. I have something to do every day, aside from the usual clean the house, play with the kids, feed the family, etc. I think that after the new year our lives will calm down a bit but until then I have my calendar out and about 7 lists attached to my refrigerator.
Here are some other things we have done over the past two weeks:

Liz pulled our Christmas tree over right after we set it up and it broke so we had to buy a new one. Good thing it was Black Friday and we got a great deal. I really like the new tree, it is bigger and fuller. Plus I can put all my antique ornaments that my Aunt Sue has passed down to me on the bigger tree. The kids had a great time putting the ornaments on the tree and listening to me tell them about each one. I have a few from my own childhood which brings back so many memories of family and love. I buy the kids a new ornament each year as well so it was fun telling them about their ornaments as well. We also bought an electric train to go around the bottom of the tree this year. That facilitated about an hour of fun, laying on their bellies and pushing the button to make the train circle around.

Making pies for Thanksgiving. The kids helped me roll the dough for the crust. Jackson was actually really good and it and a big help.
This is Elizabeth's favorite activity these days. Painting. Not just painting, painting herself. I have learned that when Liz is painting she must do it naked because she really enjoys making herself "beautiful" by adding lots of colors to her tummy, arms, face, and even her hair. After her painting is done we immediately follow it with a bubble bath, her second favorite activity.
We are busy but happy and looking forward to the holidays with food, family, and friends.

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