Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cancer Watch.The Next Round

It is far past time for an update. Sorry for anyone wanting to know what is happening. Since my last post my mom has finished her first round of chemo, had a 3 week break, and is now into the last chemo stretch (1x/week for 12weeks). I think it is just wearing her down going in every week. On the plus side the chemo is less severe and she doesn't have to have the bone shots so that is a big relief on the bod. After her last round she was feeling really crappy (only word to describe it that I feel comfortable using.) She was nauseas, tired, and just worn down. So the doctor decided to give her a blood transfusion. After that she bounced back and found relief. Sometimes the body can only take so many chemicals before it breaks down.

Another side effect is a neurological disease that sometimes appears in chemo patients on their palms and bottom of their feet. It can be really bad, raw, red, and blisters. My mom's case was mild but itchy, raw, and red. Thankfully the doctor gave her some lotion that seemed to sooth it a bit but soon after her skin peeled off. She described it as similar to a snake shedding it's skin. I know that might be TMI but I am really trying to be clear and accurate in what has been happening for our family records.

It is ironic that most of the problems my mom has faced so far are side effects. Things to consider when fighting the battle of cancer. It is not just the fight but there are many obstacles along the way. Last month was breast cancer awareness month...I hope all of you had someone in your prayers that is battling this disease right now. It only takes one person to effect hundreds.

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