Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween

A little late but better than never....our Halloween update. This year we were lucky enough to go to AZ for Halloween. Brandon had to go to Phoenix for a CFP course so we tagged along. It was really fun to visit our family and friends again. But it wasn't all fun and games I had to work too. But at least my work is fun, taking pictures of families I love. I actually booked 10 families over the week so that was a great surprise. That is one of the reasons this post is so late...I have been editing.

Anyways, we had a really fun Halloween party with our AZ mom's group. I really miss those moms.

We carved pumpkins on Sunday, well mainly just Diane, Brianna, and myself but the kids liked looking at the pumpkins and giving us advice on what to carve. And of course we watched Disney Halloween Special, a tradition that both Brandon and myself shared growing up as children. We carved a pig pumpkin for Liz and a pirate for Jackson (what else would we carve right?)

Then we went to the neighborhood Halloween party on Halloween. BEST PARTY IN TOWN. Food, games, bouncy houses, and candy. Can't beat that. The kids had a lot of fun this year playing the fishing game (Liz won stretchy bracelets), tossing the football and bean bags, and of course the bouncy house. They mainly stuck to the little kid bouncy house but Lizzy was brave and went down the slide a few times with all the big kids jumping around, running up and down the slides, and just being too rowdy. She really is so brave. But what I think Jackson liked the most was the fact that Grandpa dressed up like Jack Sparrow as well.

Then we tried trick or treating for the first time ever. I didn't take Jack last year because I have this rule that you have to be able to say trick or treat to actually get candy. Anyways, it wasn't a total success. The first house Jackson said trick or treat but then he tried to give the man his own candy. Then next house it was the same. I figured by the third house he would understand. But he was so excited to ring the door bell that he tripped, fell on his face on the cement and ended up crying with a huge abrasion on his face. After that he was done.

Lizzy however wanted to try a few more houses. She was so cute. Saying trick or treat and Happy Halloween then thanking the people for the candy. When someone wasn't home she would say, "oops this house is broken, try the next one." But the cutest part was that she didn't understand why the people weren't inviting her into their homes. She would wait by the door even after they closed it. So sweet.

Even though the kids didn't quite understand everything about Halloween it was still so much fun watching them enjoy a holiday that I love and I can't wait for next year. Something about children brings magic to every holiday.

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