Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let's Get Brave

We are a little costume crazy in our house. At first it was only Jackson but lately Elizabeth has really gotten into it as well. I love watching their little imaginations run wild, with all the dress up clothes and the adventures they take in them. Jackson really likes to label his clothing for specific purposes. For instance the other day I was wearing my BYU t-shirt (one of the only shirts that will still fit over my belly). He went to his room and made Elizabeth put her BYU shirt on and then he put his on. He then told me that he was also wearing his BYU shorts and BYU flip flops (they don't say BYU anywhere on them BTW). He really cracks me up.
 We started gymnastics classes last week. I thought it would be a good way for Jackson to learn to spend time away from me and explore some activities outside his box of comfort. I knew Elizabeth would love it right from the start and it would be great for her to get her energy out.

She walked right in and joined the group from the first moment. Learning to hula hoop, balanced walking across the balance bean, and following instructions. NO FEAR!

 Jackson was much more hesitant. It took me 20 min of a 45 min class just to get him to try what the kids were doing. Once he got started he loved it of course. Bear crawling across the planks and jumping by himself along the huge trampoline into the foam block pit.

 It will be a work in progress but I think once we have gone a few times he will get better. I know they both enjoyed it once the class got started. They were running around the house doing somersaults and balancing on everything all day after we got home.

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