Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's the Cowboy Way

The count down is on. I have been running around getting lots of last minute things done like fixing the baby's bedding, making blankets/car seat covers/changing pad covers/etc, and above all my nesting compulsion has hit a new high. The other day I was looking for the Halloween decorations and ended up going through all the binds in the garage and organizing the entire garage. I also made Brandon clean out the office closet and go through all those boxes as well. (Trust me you do not want to be around an A personality in the last trimester of pregnancy. Cleaning and organizing galore).

My c-section is scheduled for 2 weeks from today. In just two weeks I will be holding my beautiful little boy in my arms. I just can't wait. I feel closer to this baby than either of the first two. Maybe because I am so in tune with my body and what he is doing this time, or maybe because we have a special connection. I'm not sure but I can't wait to meet the little guy and learn more about his sweet personality.

The kids are really excited for him to make his debut as well. They keep pretending they are a mom and dad taking care of Elizabeth's little babies. It is really cute. And the other day Jackson asked how the baby is going to get out of the belly. I showed him my c-section scar and told him how the doctors are going to use a knife and cut me along that line, then pull the baby out, and finish by sewing me up. His response, "Mom that is going to hurt, do you want me to be there with you?" He is so sweet. I told him no kids are allowed in the operating room but dad will be there with me so he doesn't have to worry. He then said, "Make sure they put you to sleep after so you can feel better." It is really amazing how intuitive he can be. He also said that he will come and visit as soon as he can.

And while we are on the Jackson is so cute wagon, the other day he had cowboy day at preschool. And you know the kid cannot pass up a chance to wear a costume to school. So I whipped up a quick cowboy outfit. I used a plaid shirt of his and tight jeans. Then I made a vest with a star, and boots that slid over his shoes. We finished it off with a foam hat from Hobby Lobby. When he was putting it on in the morning he looked at me and said, "Mom this costume looks great, good job." I was so happy to create something that he totally loved and he has been wearing it for the past 3 days so I know he loves it.
It has been beautiful weather here lately so we took advantage this past weekend to go to the zoo. The zoo was empty and it felt so good to stretch my legs and enjoy a breezy sunny day. I think I have been neglecting the kids in regards to pictures lately because they both volunteered (without me asking) to take a picture together by the polar bears. Then Jack wanted to pretend he was a cobra by the reptile house.

Guess it is time to bust out the camera and take a few fall pictures before we go from 4-5.

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