Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Happenings

This Halloween was super busy in the Stoker house. Not only are we still adjusting to our new bundle of joy but between the ward Halloween party, Joy School Halloween Party, Preschool Halloween party, and trick-or-treating plus a trip to the pumpkin patch we were busy pretty much every day. Thankfully Brandon's mom was in town to help me haul the troops around town for all the October pumpkin fun.

We started with a trip to the pumpkin patch with our Joy School group. Jackson had actually gone the week before with his preschool class so he was our tour guide. It was really fun to see him showing me around the pumpkin patch and telling me all about what activities there were to do. We went for a hay ride and each got to pick our own medium pumpkin. Jack was just so excited because his friend James got to join us. He loves James.

Then we took our pumpkins home and carved them. The kids actually painted their pumpkins while Brandon, Diane, and I carved a few. Jackson still wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts but Elizabeth thought it was a lot of fun. She was very concerned with picking out every last seed to toast in the oven.

Then we went to our ward Halloween party. It started with a trunk-or-treat which Jackson did not want to participate in without me by his side. I didn't know where Elizabeth went at first she was so eager to get started and didn't seem to want to wait for anyone else.

We set up a photo booth where I took pictures of the ward members dressed in their costumes. I ended up staying in there the whole party so I didn't even get to see what else was set up but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. They each tried to eat the doughnuts on strings without their hands and took turns Halloween bowling. I think they enjoyed the candy and taking pictures with their friends the most.

Out of the 4 major Halloween events Jackson wore 3 different costumes. (Wolverine, Darth Vader, and black Spiderman.) Elizabeth was Snow White for all the events. Even after I made her special Tangled hair. She is a princess and seems to get what she wants most of the the time. Plus one of her friends dressed like Snow White too, so I think she was really excited about that.

We did have one downfall to trick-or-treating. Earlier in the day Elizabeth was playing outside without shoes on and she stepped in a thicket of goat heads (small thorn-like plants that have poison in the thorns). Her feet were covered in them and she was bleeding everywhere. We pulled them all out and she seemed fine but by the end of the day, right before trick-or-treating her feet were so sore and swollen that she couldn't even walk on them. We had to push her in the stroller to all the houses. She was really cute holding her bucket out and telling everyone that she "hurt her feet on the goat heads." Jackson was the official doorbell ringer and was really excited about trick-or-treating this year. Last year we only made it to two houses before he got shy and decided to go home. It is so much fun when the kids start to discover the holidays and all their excitement is infectious. 

We finished the night off watching Hocus Pocus and Monster House. Lizzy loved Monster House saying, "I love the SPPOOOKY house, it's a MONSTER HOUSE," in her little sweet voice. These kids are so funny.

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