Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Happenings

Wow has it really almost been a month since my last post? Where does the time go? I know, lately it goes to taking care of 3 munchkins and getting used to a new schedule. I feel like I am finally adjusting, FINALLY. Change is hard, especially for me. I get used to living a certain way and then when something changes it takes me a while to get adjusted. I am the first to admit too, it is a rocky transition every time. I get emotional, usually have a mini breakdown, and then we turn the corner and everything works out.

During the transition we blessed Christian, took a trip to the zoo and the bio park, and hosted Thanksgiving at our house. 
During the blessing Brandon blessed Christian that he will gain an education (he said it twice) and that he will serve in the church. Hopefully we will have a little smartie pants on our hands. We know he is very strong. He has a very sweet personality. Constantly smiling at us and looking around with his big eyes.

He loves to be held, by anyone around and he loves watching the kids play and run around the house. He has finally gotten  used to his swing and the past few nights he has slept in his swing starting with a 6 hour stretch (can I say thank you to that because when he sleeps in his bed he only goes for 3 hours at the most).

Elizabeth is finally adjusting to Christian as well. She loves to come over and give him kisses and tell him how cute he is. She talks to him as well telling him that she is his big sister. Jackson adores Christian calling him "his baby". It is really sweet. I don't think life gets any better when they are all loving towards each other.

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