Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Happenings, A busy life

Oh man, I just cannot keep up with this blog. I am taking plenty of pictures and living our lives but for some reason I can't seem to blog about it.

Anyways here is what happened this month:

-Jackson turned 5

-Christian turned 6 months

-we planted a garden
-Elizabeth is finally fully potty trained (night and day)
-family trips to the zoo

-swimming at Great Grandpa's pool

-a trip to Goldfield Ghost town. Elizabeth asked,"mom if this is a ghost town where are all the ghosts?" Good question Liz. Other than it being really windy outside we had a great time exploring the cowboy living.

-feeding the ducks at Papago park

-Enjoying the Mesa Art Festival. The kids partook in the festivities. Dressing up like the animals. Adding to the toliet paper roll city, and even wading in the water fountains. There were street characters dressed in all the same color and painted in that color as well. They looked like statues but when the kids got close the performers would move. Scared Liz half to death.

-Playing in the splash pads around the city. Perfect activity for warm weather.

-Mostly just spending time together as a family. I love how close my kids have become through this move. Elizabeth and Jackson are best friends and they have adopted Christian into their daily lives. Elizabeth loves being a big sister. She is always offering to help with Christian. The other day I went to get Jack from preschool and Elizabeth told me she would stay in the car and babysit Christian for me while I ran into the house. Jackson is very helpful as well. Singing and talking to Christian. He loves being around the kids and I can see it in his face how much he wants to get up and play with them.

 One of their favorite activities is pretend play. They love dressing up still but have evolved into actually coming up with things to do while they are dresses up. The other day they played Doc McStuffins. Jackson gave Elizabeth a full check up. I even let them use some ace bandages to make the visit seem more real. The whole time he was singing the Doc McStuffin theme song and reassuring Elizabeth that everything would be okay.
Liz is sure going to miss him when he goes to school next year. However she can't wait for fall to come because she gets to go to preschool and start dance classes. She reminds me about this nearly every day.

Life is busy but it is wonderful!

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