Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

What a wonderful month we had. Sunshine, getting together with old friends, and spending time with our family. I was especially excited about Easter this year because the kids are finally old enough to understand why we really celebrate Easter, not just a yearly visit from the fictitious Easter bunny.

We spent 3 family home evenings discussing the Savior and the events during the last week of his life. We even went to the Easter pageant and both of the kids were interested. Elizabeth loved the dancing, especially Mary's lullaby. Jackson loved the intense scenes like the mob and the crucifixion. It is a beautiful activity to take to your family and will become a family tradition for many years to come. I felt so moved this year by the fact that the Lord knew those who were closest to him would turn away from him, and the heartbreak he must have felt. But he still went forward with his mission knowing his purpose was to atone for our sins. I am so grateful for him and his sacrifice. Even though he had to brave his death alone I will never have to experience anything in my life alone, he will always be with me.

But it wasn't all spiritual we had some fun as well. Brandon's mom and I stuffed about 60 plastic eggs and Brandon and his dad hid them for the kids and other adults to find. They are getting so big, we had to hide some eggs well. Elizabeth said, "the Easter bunny is one tricky little fella." We dyed hard boiled eggs too and other than having dye all over their fingers, I was proud that was the only place the dye got.


 Dad, supervising from the pool chair.

 Even Christian got in on the egg hunt.

 Justin and Jackson, ninja egg hunters.

Lizzy had an assistant because her basket was too big. Thanks Grandpa.

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