Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth-Disneyland 2014 Day 2-3

Day 2 started with Cars land. One of the many benefits for staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel is the magic morning hour every morning. It trades off between California Adventure and Disneyland each day. Disneyland isn't the best deal because people that aren't staying at the resort also get in and they only open two lands = SUPER CROWDED. But the early hour at California Adventure is totally worth it. The kids LOVED Cars land. Christian especially enjoyed the Mater's tractor ride and he even got to meet Mater. He did not want to leave his side, I had to drag him way so other people could take pictures too. The kids went with dad on the Radiator Springs Racers while Christian and I took in the Radiator Springs environment. Everything is so well done that I sometimes forget we are at Disneyland and not in the movie.

We headed over to A Bug's Life land which is much more of Jackson's speed. He is such a whimp and won't go on anything that is too high or too fast. Elizabeth is the dare devil. One look at the Tower or Terror and she made it her goal to go on it before the trip was over. My brave little 5 year old. My favorite experience was the 3D show, "It's tough to be a Bug." It was a little scary but Christian did fine and the other two kids were hilarious trying to catch the butterfly and cowering away from the spiders on the ceiling. Pure hilariousness!!

The next day we spend honoring Elizabeth for her 5th birthday. She was so excited for her morning with Minnie and meeting all of Minnie's character friends. Another great perk to staying at the resort is the extras. I ordered a special Disney birthday basket that they special deliver to your room. She was so excited it was like getting mail to your hotel room! She found all kinds of goodies in her basket including a princess mouse ears hat, a giant lollipop, stencils with princess crayons, a lanyard, other little goodies and her favorite a princess autograph book and pen. She did not understand what is was at first and then I explained that she can take pictures and get all the characters to sign her book. Needless to say Jackson got into it too and the two of them were on a mission to get everyone they came across to sign Lizzy's book.

We ate at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland. Last time we had breakfast at Goofy's kitchen and had a great experience. This time we thought we would try something new. It was fine but the food was not as good and the characters were not very aware. We were seated in the corner of the outside terrace and I had to flag down most of the characters. Christian got sick of waiting and went out looking, ok more like stalking, his favorites. But the kids didn't seem to notice. They had a great time and even Jackson gave every single visitor a hug. At the end of breakfast they delivered a special birthday cake to Liz in a pink princess chest while all the restaurant sang and played Happy Birthday to you over the intercom.

 Christian played peek-a-boo with Tigger.

 Eyor was his favorite.

The next best place, aside from Character breakfasts, to get characters to sign a book is in ToonTown. Most of the characters have set places now and you have to wait in long lines to meet them but Toon Town has our favorite classic Disney Characters on every corner. Christian's favorite by far was Mickey. HE LOVES MICKEY. He was practically jumping out of Brandon's arms to get to Mickey.

We finished off the ultimate birthday watching the parade again and heading back the the hotel to eat our cake.

Before heading to bed Jack and Liz wanted to check out the hotel lobby. Earlier in the week we found their favorite hang out spot, a kids only movie room that played old Disney cartoons. It don't know why but they loved hanging out there while Christian slept in the hotel room.

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