Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Second Trip to New Hampshire

Towards the end of September we received a wonderful gift, a trip to New Hampshire for Ashley's wedding without the kids. My sister and mom came into town to watch the kiddos and we were off on an adults only adventure.

As much as I love my children and missed them we had a wonderful time exploring Vermont and New Hampshire on our own. Aside from the wedding we spent one of our vacation days in New Hampshire at the Franconia Notch State Park Flume. This was an incredible experience. A man-made trail leading up a gorge with a natural river running through it. We hiked all day, a beautiful day, with the fall leaves changing color and nature all around us.

Another day we visited a Shaker Village. I didn't know anything about the Shaker Church before we visited the village but we learned a lot about a small portion of the early colonies history. The Shakers lead a humble life and it was very interesting to walk a day in their shoes.

Finally it was wedding day. Ashley looked like Princess Buttercup on a beautiful day in Boston. The temple ceremony was beautiful. Having all our family, minus the missionaries, together in the temple was perfect, and we welcomed James into our family with open arms. After the ceremony we spent the afternoon reflecting on memories of our lovely Ashley. Her tenacity, passion, and love for her family and the things she believed in. It was perfect and lots of love was shared.

New Hampshire is beautiful in the fall, full of colors and warmth, but I was glad to come home when it was all over.

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