Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot Mommas keep me sane

So I am in this mother's play group called the hot mommas and I love it because I can get out of the house (and not just to Target where I spend way too much money). We do all kinds of fun activities. Last week we went to the zoo which was so much fun. I love the zoo. The Phoenix zoo is pretty nice. Not as good as San Diego or even Point Defiance (in WA) but we had a good time. Jackson liked the giraffe because it can right up to the fence and he sees giraffes in his bedroom all the time. I actually think he recognized the giraffe from the ones in his bedroom which is exciting. It is amazing to see babies change and grow. We also painted pumpkins the other day. Jack is not so good at painting but he did like smearing around the paint that I put on the pumpkin. Thankfully it was non-toxic, washable paint because as soon as he was done he decided to give the pumpkin a big, open mouth kiss. That crazy kid puts everything in his mouth. I guess it is a good thing I'm not obsessed with germs. Anyways, thank you Hot Mommas!

Check out the drool machine. He is like a faucet.


The Parke Family said...

I totally hear you about the play-group! I don't know what I'd do without it either :)

Shelby and Ted said...

The ZOO! That sounds so fun. There is a play group here where I live too but have never gone because I am a wimp. You have inspired me to start going...even if Saydee isn't interacting much yet...she will soon!

jor said...

That is a great name for playgroup hahaha!